Georges Kiamuangana was born in Kisantu, Bas-Congo on 19 May 1944. He took the name Verckys after being impressed with American sax player King Curtis and he heard the name "Curtis" as "Verckys." He started out in 1962 with Los Cantina, then Jamel Jazz. He joined Paul Ebengo a.k.a. Dewayon's Congo-Rock before joining OK Jazz in 1963 with some musicians from the band of Gerard Kazembe: Christophe Djali, trumpet, singer Henriette Boranzima and Dele Pedro. Georges became Franco's right-hand man and delighted audiences with his onstage antics and wild clothes. But when Franco was away in Europe in 1968 he took a splinter group with vocalist Youlou Mabiala into the studio to cut four sides, causing an irreparable rift. On 5 April 1969 he left OK Jazz to form Orchestra Vévé. Bovic Bondo featured as vocalist with Ramazani Nkalu-Luaka (singer of "Ndona" and "Gina"), later joined by Marcel Loko Massengo a.k.a. Djeskain, Sinatra Bonga Tsekabu a.k.a. Saak Saakul, and Mario Matadidi. Three who would later form the Trio Madjesi. Verckys started recording with a more stripped-down sound than OK Jazz, which gave him ample room for wild sax solos in the seben. His original band included Danila on solo guitar, Jim on bass, and veteran Maproco alongside himself on sax. He adopted Dr Nico's dance the Kiri Kiri and invented the Cavacha which was a precursor of Soukous. His first hits were "Mfumbwa" and "Bankoko baboyi" along with Saakul's "Fifi Solange." (These songs were reissued as 45s on the Ngoma label J 5241 and J 5242.) "Ah mokili" and "Linga ngai zuwa te" soon followed.

Jerome Ogola puts succinctly "Why you must know Verckys Mateta Kiamuangana":
"Apart from being a talented sax player, having played with Franco's TPOK Jazz (1961-69), he is the first indigenous African to own a record label. He opened a then state of the art recording studio, Editions Vévé, in 1971. Vévé went on to nurture and produce the biggest names in the continent's music in the 70s: Zaiko, Lipua Lipua, Kiam, Maquisards.
"Unlike Franco who was a hoof eater from Sona Bata, Verckys came from a rich family. His father was a wealthy businessman in Leopoldville. Good footballers and athletes rarely come from Elgon View: they always come from slums. Poverty is known to nurture talent. He is a Kimbangiste like Topoké Fatale. This is a sect founded by Simon Kimbangu, a freedom fighter of DRC. Verckys learnt music in the church. He owned one of the biggest bands ever in the history of Congolese music, Orchestre Vévé. He is multi talented: apart from sax he is also a singer, guitarist, keyboardist and a talented studio engineer."

With an unerring ear for quality, Verckys recorded and produced Les Grands Maquisards, Orchestre Kiam, Bella Bella, Lipua Lipua, Les Kamale and Empire Bakuba, the most interesting bands to come up in his generation. He also recorded Thu Zaina (whose guitarist Roxy played on some Vévé recordings), Victoria Eleison and Zaiko Langa Langa. His label defined the new sound of Congolese music as it evolved away from the rumbas of the Generation Kalle to a more exciting dance sound. His singers [below] were so popular they broke away in 1972 to form Trio Ma-dje-si with their own band Orchestre Sosoliso and, recording for Socodi in Brazzaville, remained one of the top bands of the day.

With help from Roger Izeidi, young Georges, only 25, established a studio on Avenue Eyala, in Kasa-Vubu, Kinshasa. Vercky's early 70s recordings were collected on some LPs on the Sonodisc label, and his mid-career output as a producer appeared in a great 9-volume series Les Grands Succès des Editions Vévé on the Sonafric label, which featured many of the hits produced in his studio by Vévé and other bands such as Lipua Lipua, Les Kamale, Orchestre Kiam, and Zaiko Langa Langa. In 1972 he recruited Pepe Kalle and Nyboma, two youngsters from Bella Bella, to sing "Sola," "Mbuta" and "Kamale." He started orchestres Lipua Lipua and Kiam, named for himself. Their first hits were "Yoyowe" and "Masumi." He rented equipment to Nyboma and Lipua Lipua who recorded "Amba," "Mombasa" and "Niki bue," but as soon as they were established they quit Verckys' label and regrouped as Orchestre Les Kamale. On his visit to Kinshasa James Brown dubbed him "Mister Dynamite"! According to Jerome Ogola, the line-up in 1973, on the James Brown-influenced "Ndona" was Verckys on sax and shout-outs, Roxy Tshimpaka on solo guitar, Pierre Monongi Mopia on rhythm, Jim on bass, with five vocalists: Ramazani Nkalu-luaka, Tusevo Nejos, Feu Pepito, Pascal Mangwana (Sam Mangwana's younger brother) & Jojo Ikomo.

Verckys founded Editions Vévé in 1974. In 1976 he changed the name of his label to ZADIS (for "Zaire disc"). That year he issued "Papy Baluti" & "Muana Mburu" written by Francis Bitsoumani a.k.a. Celi Bitsou. The line-up at this time was Tino Muinkwa, Djo Roy, Nejos Tusevo, Pepitho Fukiau on vocals, Lambion on solo guitar, Aladji Baba on rhythm guitar, Ndolo & Celi Bitsou on bass, Bayard on drums, Ponta Vickys on congas, himself, Dibuidi and Sax Matalanza on saxes and Makamba on trombone. But after the success of "Muana Mburu," Celi Bitsou quit to go solo.

Verckys retired from performing to concentrate on his nightclub, his shop ZADIS on Place Victoire, his label, and promotion. His Vévé Center became the hot spot for Grand Zaiko Wa Wa, Langa Langa Stars, Victoria Eleison, Mbonda Africa, Afro International, Wenge Musica and other groups. In 1978 he recorded young sensation Koffi Olomide. In 1980 Verckys came out of retirement to release some new albums on the Vévé International label in Paris with his backing band also renamed Vévé International. Vocalist Diatho Lukoki was supported by Sonama, Michel Sax, along with Djo Mpoyi and Dizzy Mandjeku, formerly of OK Jazz (who quit to return to Franco). Luciana quit Viva la Musica to replace Djo Mpoy for three months. Later members included Elba Kuluma, Serge Lemvo, Asi Kapela, Rochesi and Lawi. Verckys was elected president of the Congolese Musicians Union in 1988. In 2008 Verckys was in hospital in Brussels for leg operations soon after completing a new album COUP DE MARTEAU.

Factual information adapted from an article by Jeannot ne Nzau Diop in Le Potential 18.02.2006

Part One: LPs

Verckys et son ensemble
TOUTE L'AFRIQUE DANSE VOL 11 (Ngoma J33011) 1971
compositeur: Verckys

A1: Mfumbwa 1
2: Ekule ferros
3: Bolingo ya Bomuana
4: Yeba Olaki Ngai
5: Marie Suza
B1: Mfumbwa 2
2: Marie Sango
3: Loboko
4: Tobina Bonne Annee 70
5: Tentation

The smash hit "Mfumbwa" kicks off both sides of the LP (so you can flip it over for the genuine A-side, B-side pause and effect). Track 3, "Bolingo ya Bomuana," and "Marie Sango" were selected for Sono CD36599. "Loboko," a kiri-kiri by Djeskain was added to Dynamite Verckys (Sono LP360 016), but none of the other tracks was later anthologized.

Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé
"Isabo" (NGOMA J 33 013; reissued as Sonafric SAF 50008 1975)

1. Isabo (Kelly)
2. Bea (Verckys)
3. Nadefa Nani (Jim)
4. Mama Djele (Verckys)
5. Bakomela Pema (Verckys)
B1. Sakumuna 1 (Verckys)
2. Sakumuna 2 (Verckys)
3. Nakoloba te tolingani (Verckys)
4. Balobaka Ye mbongo Mingi (Matadidi Mario)
5. Moise Ou Anne (Matadidi Mario)

These early efforts sounds like OK Jazz vocals and African Fiesta guitars. But "Mama Djele" (which was collected on RETRO 15CD) really stands out. The original album came out on Ngoma.

Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé
"Vebeka Serment" (Ngoma J33 014, reissued Sonafric SAF 50009 1975)

1. Yebaka Serment (Verckys)
2. Restes avec moi (Bovic)
3. Marceline (Verckys)
4. Vincent (Verckys)
5. Mobutu Dix Ans (Verckys)
6. Mauro Sumbu (Sinatra Bonghat)
7. Marcello Tozongana (Max Sinatra)
8. Vicky (Verckys) also released as a single on ASL 7-3150 (Kenya)
9. L'Afrique aux Africains (Verckys) [Surboum Africaine]
10. Mabuse (Verckys)

Originally released on Ngoma (with sides reversed). The Sonafric title "Vebaka Serment" is a typo for "Yebaka Serment" as is usual. The lovelorn ballad by Bovic is weird: warbly vocals over acoustic guitar as the singer starts to break down, all a bit overdone. "Restes avec moi," "Vincent," & "Mobutu dix ans" also appear on l'Afrique Danse no 11. "Marcello Tozongana" was anthologized on DYNAMITE VERCKYS CD & the Rough Guide CD CONGO GOLD (RGNET1200) in February 2008.

Verckys et l'orchestre Vévé
DYNAMITE VERCKYS (Sonodisc 360 016 1970) [Vévé 1]
compositeur: Verckys
vocals by Trio Majesi: Loko Massengo, Saak Saakul, Matadidi (uncredited)
A1: Ah mokili [Kiri-Kiri] 5:07
2: Yeba olekaki ngai [Kiri-Kiri] 5:09
3: Annitcho [Rumba] 4:58
4: Mfumbwa 1 [Lingala rythme Mombetta] 5'40
5: Mfumbwa 2 [Lingala rythme Mombetta] 4:15
B1: Loboko [Rumba] 5:51
2: Nakokoka ata botongi [Kiri-Kiri] 4:43
3: Est-ce que nakobala [Rumba lingala] 4:44
4: Naboyi nkasa [Kiri-Kiri] 4:44
5: Linga ngai azua te 4:27

The opening track, "Ah mokili," could pass for OK Jazz, despite the Kiri Kiri rhythm. There's even a two-part harmony sax lead of the kind Verckys used to play with Isaac Musekiwa. "Yeba olekaki ngai" is more in the African Fiesta style (Bovick Bondo "Shamar" had sung & played bass with African Fiesta from 1967-8), with a jagged guitar lead. The Mombetta rhythm used in "Mfumbwa" chugs along and here the saxes set up the counterpoint to the mi-solo guitar. It's a blisteringly great cut. The "B" side starts out auspiciously with a great riff that sounds like a breakdown and some honking, as if they jumped into the song at the bridge. This band excels at that transitional moment where everyone riffs and no one knows where the song is going. Usually Verckys takes the opportunity to throw down some stellar sax. The outro of "Est-ce que nakobala" captures this spontaneous excitement perfectly. (This jam, "Nakokoka ata botongi" and "Mfumbwa" were selected for Sono CD36599.) "Naboyi nkasa" is another Kiri Kiri. We return to rumba congolaise for the final track.

Orchestre Vévé
"Baluti" (Sonodisc 360 106 1977)

1. Baluti 1 & 2 (Nguendi Aladji) 1976
2. Muana Mburu 1 & 2 (Bitshoumanou Boniface) 1977
3. Nakoma Juste 1 & 2 (Mwinkua) 1977
4. Mikolo Mileki Mingi 1 & 2 (Fukiau) 1976
5. Bilobela 1 & 2 (Kiamwangana Mateta) 1977
6. Fifi (Verckys) 1973

Just as dynamite as the preceding selection. "Mikolo Mileki Mingi" & "Bilobela" are both outstanding. "Fifi" was also a hit in West Africa (it appeared on a Stars from Zaire compilation). "Mikolo Mileki Mingi," "Baluti," "Bilobela" & "Nakoma juste" are all on CD 8478. The first three are collected on RETRO 15CD. Bitshoumanou is better known as Celi Bitsshou.

Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé
L'Afrique Danse No. 11 (Sono 360 027)

A1: Sakumuna 1 & 2 (Verckys)
2: Vincent (Verckys)
3: Mobuto Dix Ans (Verckys)
B1: Reste Avec Moi (Verckys)
2: Mama Djele (Verckys)
3: Cornelis

"Vincent," "Mobutu" & "Reste avec moi" were all on "Verbaka Serment" (SAF 50009). "Mama Djele," a genuine smash hit, is on RETRO 15CD.

Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé
Verckys à Paris
(Sono 360 032)

A1: Lucie Okolinga Ngai (Mario Matadidi)
A2-3: Pronostic 1 & 2 (Max Sinatra)
A4-5: Bébé 1 & 2 (Verckys)
B1: Nakobala Yo Denise (Verckys) [Surboum Africaine]
B2: Lina Omesana boye (Mario Matadidi)
B3: Anna (Mario Matadidi)
B4: Maria (Verckys)
B5: Fami Zoba (Verckys)

Features the trio of singers who broke away to form Trio Madjesi: Loko Massengo, Saak "Max Sinatra" Saakul and Mario Matadidi. B1 and 2 are collected on the Analog Africa CD 17

Verckys, Orchestre Vévé, Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards
(Sono 360 041 1969-71)
A SIDE: Orchestre Vévé
A1: Bankoko Baboyi (Verckys) [Kiri-Kiri Lingala] 5:02
2: Mbombo (Nkalu Luaka) [Rhythm Jobs] 4:50
3: Nakomitunaka (Verckys) 6:23
4: N'dia (Kunsita Matadia) [Rhythm Jobs] 5:12
B SIDE: Les Grands Maquisards
B1: Dellya (Dalienst) [Jobs Lingala] 5:21
2: Maria Mboka (Dalienst) 5:55
3: Tokosenga Na Nzambe (Dalienst) 7:09
4: Biki (Dalienst) 5:12

My favourite Vercky's ballad "Nakomitunaka" appears here and stacks up favorably against four of the best from Les Grands Maquisards, a band that featured Ntesa Dalienst who broke away from Mangwana in Festival de Maquisards in 1969 to start Les Grands Maquisards. The exquisite "Nakomitunaka," recorded in 1972 and featuring the young Pepe Kalle on vocals along with José Bébé, is on CD36599. Last two Maquisards' cuts on Ngoyarto CD NG078. One oddity: "N'dia" is a note perfect cover of a Rex Lawson song with new Lingala lyrics.

(Sono 360 049 1972-3)

A1-2. Orch Vévé: Olingi Nakufa 1 & 2 (Kiamuangana) VV152
A3. Orch Bella Bella: Lipua Lipua (Mulemba) VV122
A4. Zaiko Langa Langa: Onassis (Evoloko Anto) VV128
A5. Orch Vévé: Diamile (Mangwana Nkai)
B1-2. Orch Bella Bella: Sola 1 & 2 (Mulemba) VV112
B3. Empire des Bakuba: Massamba (Dilu Dilumona) VV116
B4-5. Orch Lipua Lipua: Kamale 1 & 2 (Nyboma Danos) VV129

reissued by Sterns digitally March 2015

Obscure issue on the SonoDisc African label; "Olingi nakufa" was also on SAF50080; Zaiko's "Onassis" was the lead-off track on their Mété la verité album. Interesting that it includes Bella Bella's track "Lipua Lipua" which led to that band's creation and then Lipua Lipua's "Kamale," which in turn led to the formation of Les Kamale (that song is included on CD36567). "Sola" can he found on Ngoyarto NG030CD. "Massamba" written by Dilu Dilumona can be found on Sono CD36539.

Courtesy: Ambiance Congo
Editions Vévé
(Sono 360 073 orig: 1975)

A1: Orchestre Makina Loka "Makina Loka"
2: Orchestre Continental "Kimpungu-mpungu"
3: Orch Grands Maquisards "Yoka choc"
B1: Orch Grands Maquisards "Nzumba"
2: Orch Lipua Lipua "Fuga-Fuga" (Mulembu)
3: Orch Lipua Lipua "Mafiela"

Another scarce LP on the Sonodisc label. Orch Continental's single was Vévé 210 (1975), Maquisards' "Yoka Choc" was Vévé 213 (1975), "Fuga fuga" was Vévé 193 (1975), collected on CD36566. (Note the Makina Loka here is the original incarnation of the band, before Ricardo Lemvo adopted the name for his completely different band.)

Various Artists
L'Afrique Danse avec Sakumuna Vévé
[orange cover] (Sonodisc 360 091 (p)1975)
A1: Orchestre Kiam - Memi 1 & 2 (Kanza Bayone)
A2: Orchestre Lipua Lipua - Matoba 1 & 2 (Mbubi Malanda; elsewhere credited to Nzayadio)
A3: Orchestre Kiam- Masumu 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga)
B1: Orchestre Vévé - Lukani 1 & 2 (Tusevo)
B2: Orchestre Lipua Lipua - Lemba Lemba 1 & 2 (Mbubi Malanda)
B3: Orchestre Vévé - Zonga Andowe 1 & 2 (Matuti)

Reissued as Voice of Zaire, vol 1 (Rogers All Star, Nigeria, RAS VOZ 1001); All of the songs were reissued on 45 by SonoDisc: Kiam's "Memi 1 & 2" was reissued as African 91.063, and then digitally from Stern's. "Matoba" was reissued as African 91.099. "Masumu" also appeared on African 90.979. "Lukani" also came out on African 91.095. "Lemba Lemba" reappeared as African 91.098 and was also reissued digitally by Stern's. "Zonga Andowe" came out on African 91.097.

Various Artists
L'Afrique Danse avec Sakumuna
[green cover] (Sonodisc 360 101 1976-7)
A1: Kamiki 1 & 2 (Muzola-Ngunga) Orchestre Kiam
2: Kiki Puelengi 1 & 2 (Nsimba Zoka) Orchestre Kamavasty
3: Mikolo Mileki Mingi 1 & 2 (Fukiau) Orchestre Vévé
B1: Assana Muana Mawa 1 & 2 (Bompongo Assana) Orchestre Kamale
2: Masudi 1 & 2 (Nyboma) Orchestre Kamale
3: Nasepelisa Nzoto 1 & 2 (Mbanza) Orchestre Lipua Lipua

Note: "Sakumuna" was the title of a hit by Verckys, which he took for a new label name. It would be great to know the personnel on these albums, even a picture of a dancing couple would have helped indicate that it is smoking hot, but then this is Sonodisc, so what do you expect? A lame abstract cover with only song titles and the further information that it is in Mono!
A seething cauldron of mid-70s Verckys productions: Kiam, Kamale, Lipua Lipua and Vévé, along with the obscure Orchestre Kamavasty. The latter was the title of a hit for orch Bella-Bella, so we must assume it was a Bella Bella offshoot. Lovely Nyboma vocals (on Echoplex) soaring over it all. Great sax solos; pounding bass, guitar and drums reminiscent of the East African sound on a few tracks. "Mikolo Mileki Mingi" made it to CD8478 & RETRO 15CD. "Assana Muana Mawa" from Grands Succès vol 9, appeared with the rest of the B-side on CD36567, which true to Sonodisc form retains the glitch at 5 minutes in when they cut from the A side to the B side with a crude edit.

Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé vol 1
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50039) 1977

A1: Orch Kamale: Ngaseme-ngaseme (Mulembu) 9'40 (Actually track B1)
2: Orch Lipua Lipua: Yo na beya (Nkuka) [pasola] 10'20
SIDE TWO: Orchestre Engunduka
B1: Engunduka (Matalanza) [pasola] 9'45 (actually 8'44 & in fact track A1)
2: Tshekande (Mateso Mampasi) [pasola] 5'30 (actually 9'10)
3: Yebisa Tina (Malonga Moussa) [pasola] 5'30 (actually 4'18)

Notes: a screw-up in production means (at least) two tracks were switched or mis-labeled. Side A track 1 is "Engunduka" by Orch Engunduka. And Side B track 1 is "Ngaseme-ngaseme" by Orch Kamale. The Orch Kamale track is described as "folk soum en Lingala," sung by Danos Canta [i.e Nyboma]. Sax-player Matalanza was the leader of Orchestre Engunduka. These are the only three tracks I have heard by this group but they are solid jamming and a great lead-off to the series: Verckys would respond to another group led by a wild saxophonist. The tracks are mostly described as "pasola" which is a euphemism for straight-ahead rocking Congolese rumba with big horn arrangements. Adoyo on AfricAmbiance forum writes they were probably "nzonzing," i.e. a studio jam band, & he says they featured Les Trois M: Sax Matalanza, Tino Muinkwa & Djo Roy Matuti.

Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé vol 2
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50040) 1977

1. Ayidjo (Mulembu) Les Kamale
2. Bongisa Maloba (Nzaya) Orch Lipua Lipua
3. Bamo Kangi (Muzola Ngunga Francky) Orch Kiam
4. Bassala Hot (Verckys) Orch Vévé Star (CD Analog Africa 17)

Note: At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I must say this is hot. Great sax, speedy drumming, wonderful harmony singing. Lipua Lipua namecheck the band on "Bongisa maloba." Odd as it may seem the mi-solo by Vata Mombassa is also really stunning. "Bassala hot" is a Nigerian-style funk track in English.
(Note: "Bamo Kangi" by Kiam was also called "Kamiki" and was released as a 45 on Sakumuna under that name.)

courtesy: Ronald Zee
Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé vol 3
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50073) 1978

A1. Papy Baluti (Nguendi Aladji) 8'26
2. Vivita (Munshi Kuamy) 9'30
B1. Kalala (Muinkua Nvuru) 10'04
2. Likambo Ya Kokamua (Matuti Muana Siele)

"Baluti" & "Vivita" both appear on Sonodisc CD8478 and the RETRO compilation. "Kalala" appears on CD8478.

Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé vol 4
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50074) 1978

A1: Distingué (Mbubi Malanda) Orch Lipua Lipua
2: Nasepelisa Nzoto (Mbanza Matadi) Orch Lipua Lipua
B1: Zela mobali nayo mpo otuna (Kiesse Diambu) Orch Lipua Lipua
2: Mbale (M'Fui Muane) Orch Kiam

"Nasepelisa Nzoto" is on CD36567.

Les Grands Succes des Editions Vévé vol 5
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50075) 1978

Side A: Orch Kamale - Abissinia (Nyboma Mwan'Dido)
Orch Kamale - Masua (Itshimanga Assossa)
Side B: African Team - Ma Viky yee Zozo (Mulamba Panya)
African Team - Monsieur L'Argent (Mulamba Panya)
African Team - Mpo na G.G. Mawa (Mulamba Panya)
African Team - Essous Spiritou (Mulamba Panya)

"Masua" or "Maswa" is anthologized on Sono CD36567, as well as the King Jimmy comp Nyboma & Lipwa Lipwa Greatest Hits vol 2; "Essous Spiritou" by Mujos & African Team is on Sono CD36543, while his "Monsieur L'Argent" can be found on CD36570.

Orchestre Zaiko
Les Grands Succès des Editions Vévé vol. 6
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50076) 1978

A1: Ima (Bimi Ombale) 9'26 1977
2: Kin kiesse (Mantima) 10'00 1976
B1: Makoko (Lengi-Lenga) 9'16 1977
2: Toli Kulumpe [i.e. Toli ya kulu mpe] (M'Fui Muane) 9'58 1977

Possibly Verckys' greatest discovery, Zaiko were a youth band who, ironically, gave up on horns and started a musical revolution that swept Zaire and then the rest of the world. They re-recorded "Kin kiesse" in Japan on one of their world tours; it is typical of their high-energy approach (It is also the name of one of the second Lipua Lipua's vocalists). "Makoko" was collected on the CD "Mbeya mbeya." "Toli ya kulu mpe" which was anthologized several times, was on CD36547 credited to Yoka Lokole (M'Fui Muane was also in Orchestre Kiam).

Les Grands Succès des Editions Vévé vol 7
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50080) 1978

A1: Nakosambela kaka 1 & 2 (Matalanza) 9'59 Orchestre Vévé
A2: Okomi boye 1 & 2 (Kilola Toko Diangani) 9'29 Orchestre Lipua Lipua
B1: Naleli libala 1 & 2 (Mbuta Benazo) 9'27 Orchestre Lipua Lipua
B2: Ndukidi 1 & 2 (Nzaya Nzayadio) 7'28 Orchestre Lipua Lipua

Notes: Matalanza the sax player joined OK Jazz in 1979. "Naleli libala" is hypnotic but has not appeared elsewhere. "Okomi boye" & "Ndukidi" are on CD36567.

Orchestre Kiam
Les Grands Succès des Editions Vévé vol 8
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50081) 1978

A1: Maketa (Shungu Pania) 10'00
2: Ifantu (Bakolo Keta) 9'29
B1: Bomoto (Muzola Ngunga) 9'04
2: Mbale (M'Fui Muane) 9'50

Kiam are a guitar-driven band in the Zaiko mode, featuring Lele on accompaniment and Bakolo Keta on lead vocals. "Bomoto" is a good example of their attack. "Mbale" is repeated from vol 4.

Les Grands Succès des Editions Vévé vol 9
Direction: Verckys (Sonafric SAF 50082) 1978

A1: Andoya 1 & 2 (Nyboma Mwan'dido) Orchestre Kamale
2: Bilobela 1 & 2 (Kiamwangana Mateta) Orchestre Vévé
B1: Asana Muana Mawa 1 & 2 (Bompongo Assana) Orchestre Kamale
2: Olela 1 & 2 (Nsongo die Valusie) Orchestre Kamale

Notes: "Bilobela" is exceptional because of the trombone part by Makamba; it was collected on 2 Sonodisc productions & RETRO 15CD. The other three tracks are fine Kamale numbers with Nyboma in good voice.

Les plus grands Succès Zairois vol. 2
(Sonafric SAF 50043 1977)

The whole album includes:
A1 Franco & l’O.K. Jazz – Dix makuta
A2 Kongo Vox – Mibali ndoki
A3 Verckys & son Ensemble – Okokoma mokristo
A4 Cercul Jazz – Lily komikosanate
A5 Johnny Roger & son Ensemble Cocorico – Bampita bawidi
B1 Franco & l’O.K. Jazz – Club 53
B2 Kongo Vox – Ambroise mon amour
B3 Verckys & son Ensemble – Sasa akeyi conge
B4 Cercul Jazz – Foire nabisokin
B5 Johnny Roger & son Ensemble Cocorico – Vivi tozongana

A3 and B3 are the Verckys productions.

Les plus grands Succès Zairois vol. 3
(Sonafric SAF 50044 1977)

A3: Bawaka by Verckys et Son Ensemble
B3: Nakokufa mpona muasi nalingi by Verckys et Son Ensemble

courtesy: Nostalgie Mboka
(Sonodisc 360 111) 1977-8

Side A: Orchestre Kiam
A1: Exode (Mack Joss)
A2: Abeba (Bakolo Keta)
A3: Bakule (M'fui Muana)
Side B: Orchestre Lipua Lipua
B1: Mfueni (Vata Mombassa)
B2: Kendeke Malembe (Makaya)
B3: Ndukidi (Nzaya Nzayadio)

"Ndukidi" is on CD36567. "Mfueni" & "Kendeke Malembe" were on VVLP1007. "Bakule" & "Exode" were on VVLP1005.

VVLP1001 EDITION VEVE - Hit Parade Volume One (1976)
A1-2: Bassala Hot 1 & 2 - Verckys & Orchestre VÉVÉ
A3-4: Nsayi 1 & 2 - Lipua Lipua
B1-2: Natamboli moto 1 & 2 - Orchestre VÉVÉ
B3-4: Memi 1 & 2 - Orch Kiam

"Bassala Hot" on Analog Africa CD17; "Memi" on digital reissue from Stern's

L'Immortel Vévé de Verckys
(VVLP 1018)

1. Empoule (Kiambukuta N'Levo)
2. Conge Technique (Assi Kapela)
B1. Dominer (Bitchoumanou)
2. Mambiki (Tekadiomona Zeus)

Note: A Paris production with Celi Bitchou and vocalist & Assi Kapela. Kiambukuta is Josky's brother Serge.

Verckys et l'Immortel Vévé
Paris - Dakar (EVVI 86 1987)

(with Luciana, Sergino, Elba)
A1: Paris Dakar (Elba Kuluma)
2: Radio Matanga (Elba Kuluma)
B1: Ngai Na Yo Na Quartier (Verckys)
2. Baboya Verité (Verckys)
Vévé Immortel
(2008 CD Release)
Infiltré (master) (Tapis)
Honoré (Grego Grego)
Riddy (Clovis)
Coup de marteau (Tapis)
Doudou Bacho (Clovis)
Fungola motema (Clovis)
Fatumata (Tapis)

A new band who apparently quit the boss after making this album. [Info from Frank Wouters]



Part Two: Vévé productions with other bands

Orchestre Bella Bella

The early career of Bella Bella is marked by many sparkling and wonderful performances and the group gave rise to some of the greatest artists ever to emerge from the Congo, including Pepe Kalle of Empire Bakuba and Nyboma of Les Quatre Etoiles. The core of the group was two brothers Soki Vangu (Christian name Maxim) and Soki Dianzenza (Christian name Emile), who was seven years younger. Hailing from Boma, in Bas-Zaire, Soki Vangu started out singing for Negro Succès of Bavon Marie-Marie. He created Bella Bella with Shaba Kahamba, the incredibly talented bass player, in 1970. They had their own label, Editions Bella Bella and recorded in many formations and for several producers including Verckys. Verckys signed them in 1971 and, according to Gary Stewart, by June 1972 they had four songs in the top ten simultaneously! (Ngoyarto issued a 4 or 5 CD retrospective of their productions; I am vague about the number because they decided to reissue it and improve the quality of one or two tracks, taken from scratched 45s, after its initial publication. Having bought the original set many fans were disappointed with Ngoyarto for their slackness on this series). After many tussles, teenage Soki Dianzenza quit and the group soon fragmented. The younger of the Soki brothers created Super Bella Bella which was a flop and then had more success with Bella Mambo Renove, which featured Dino Vangu on lead guitar. But the fans didn't notice the absence of Emile as Verckys drafted vocalists Pepe Kalle and Nyboma into their front ranks. But Maxim quit Verckys to reform with his brother so Nyboma, Pepe Kalle, and guitarist Kinzunga Ricos regrouped as Lipua Lipua. Bella Bella's reunion was a huge success and they were named band of the year, dethroning Zaiko, in 1974. They lasted for 20 years under the elder Soki brother's direction with serious sibling rivalry seeing Dianzenza soon return to Bella Mambo, now with Kanda Bongo Man on vocals and Diblo Dibala on lead guitar (they would later join Bella Bella in 1979 before Kanda went solo). Soki Vangu's death in 1990 was followed two weeks later by that of his brother. (Info from Gary Stewart's book, Rumba on the River)

VV singles:

VV 61 Mandendeli part 2 b/w Lina
VV 62 Massanga b/w Nakweyi ndeki (re: African 90 544)
VV 80 Ngai nayo se lilita b/w Pete pe tosi tolali (re: African 90 581)
VV 84 Sofele b/w Bana balela nzala (re: African 90 581)
Mobali akenda voyage b/w Naboyi (re: African 90 553?)
La Verité blessé (re: African 90 638) 1972; on Nyboma CD KJE1002
VV 104 Keba Nakobunga b/w Kimbundi (re: African 90 620)
VV 111 Mbuta 1 & 2 (re: African 90 645) 1972 on Nyboma CD KJE1002
VV 112 Sola 1 & 2 (re: African 90 644) 1972; on LP 360 049
VV 122 Lipua Lipua b/w Nakosuka wapi (re: African 90 649) 1973; "A" on NG CD032
VV 123 Getu salayi b/w Libala kaka boye (re: African 90 655) 1973; "A" on NG CD032
VV 126 Toto wani b/w Nakufa boye (re: African 90 656) 1973


LPs from Nairobi:

Soki Vangu & Orchestre Bella Bella: Super Hits
(Nairobi: ASLP 909)
Misere ya Libala
Tolembaka Te 1 & 2
Bondeko 1 & 2
Kumisa Ngai 1 & 2

Soki Vangu & Orchestre Bella Bella Volume 1 (Petite Zizina)
(ASLP 960 1982)
Petite Zizina
N'Zing Zong
Amina, La Fille De Mon Coeur
Soki Vangu Aye

on CD:

Verckys presente Soki Vangu, Nyboma, Pepe Kalle et l'orchestre Bella Bella
(Eds Veve EVVI 16) Stereo remastered.

06. NONO
08. LINA

Tracks 1-4 were issued on LP; the others were on Ngoyarto NG093 & NG094

on CD compilations:

Vol 1 of Nyboma's Glenn CD covers his hits with Bella Bella: "Mbuta," "La Verité blessé," and "Suaze".
Mwana yoka toli (Soki Dianzenza) on Sono CD36602 Jeunes vedettes
Marcelui (Kinzinga Ricos) on Sono CD36602 Jeunes vedettes

on Vinyl compilations:

Sola (Soki Vangu) on 10 Years Ago Vol 1 LP
Mbuta (Nyboma) on Music from Zaire vol 3 1972
Sola & Lipua Lipua on African LP 360 049

courtesy: Ronald Zee

Empire Bakuba

Verckys présente L'Empire Bakuba
(Ed. Vévé International EVVI 15 REM220 1981)

A: Zabolo (Kabasele Yampanya = Pepe Kalle)
Kay Tshim (Papy Tex)
B: Souvenir Mpoli (Kinanga)
Dianzenza (Ndolo Malo)

(reissued as Hommage au Gabon (EVVI 105) with alternate track to "Souvenir Mpoli")

Verckys présente L'Empire Bakuba LA BELLE ETOILE
(Ed. Vévé International EVVI REM360)

A1: La Belle Etoile
A2: Paralyze Bis
B1: Munu Tresort
B2: Aziza
all songs by Pepe Kalle

reissued by Sterns digitally March 2015

Verckys présente L'Empire Bakuba
Pepe Kalle & Emauro (Ed. Vévé International EVVI 19 1982)

A1: Amour propre (Pepe Kalle)
2: Madi Madimba (Matolu Dode Papy Tex) also a single VV-447
B1: Mpitisha bonne année (Pepe Kalle)
2: Botika ngai (Papy Tex)

Two of the early albums produced by Verckys of this magnificent group which balances the wonderful vocals of Kabaselle Yampagna a.k.a. Pepe Kalle and Matolu Dode a.k.a. Papy Tex and Dilu Mona, with fierce guitars from Doris & Boeing 707. Despite their crazy on-stage antics (featuring their dancing dwarf Emauro), I saw them as one of the great traditional Congolese bands. Also they were unique in staying together for a quarter century (like the Kinks in London). Their line-up included Elvis Kunku on rhythm guitar, M.P. Cherie on bass, Samy Maracas on drums, Bileku Mpasi as "animator," and of course "Emoro" as the "added attraction."
All tracks collected on the following CD.

CD resissue of both:

Les plus grands succès de l'orchestre Empire Bakuba de Pepe Kalle, Papy Tex, & Dilu Dilumona
ZABOLO 1981/1982 The Serie Single Fetish (Ngoyarto NG052)

1. Zabolo
2. Souvenir mpoli
3. Kay-Tshim
4. Dianzenza
5. Madi madimba
6. Amour propre
7. Botika ngai (version originale)
8. Mpitsha bonne annee

courtesy: Ronald Zee
EMPIRE BAKUBA: Patience (EVVI 41 1984)

A: La Belle Etoile (Papy Tex)
Patience (Pepe Kalle)
B: Jalousie Automatique (Papy Tex)
Muana Bangui (Pepe Kalle)

courtesy: Ronald Zee
EMPIRE BAKUBA: Cherie Ondi (EVVI 45 1985)

A: Djuna (Aneki/Pepe Kalle)
Bitota (Dode Matolu = Papy Tex)
B: Cheri Ondi (Dode Matolu)
Mabiala Matshi (Mabiala/Pepe Kalle)

Vocals: Pepe Kalle & Dilu Dilumona & Matulo Dode
Solo: Ebuya Doris & Kinanga 737
Rhythm: Elvis Kunku
Bass: Mepe Cheri
Drums: Ringo Stars & Sami Ley
(Info & images from Ron Z)


La naissance de l'orchestre Empire Bakuba
NAZOKI (Ngoyarto NG085)

1. Nazoki (Molinga) orig: VV95b
2. Somo osali (Pepe Kalle)
3. Kanu (Dilu Mona)
4. Nakoluka yo Sabina (Papy Tex)
5. Maman Isola (Pepe Kalle)
6. O Changer ngai position (Rocky Mimi)
7. Libaku mabe (Molinga)
8. Nakobelela (Dilu Mona) VV90
9. Sanda (Papy Tex)
10. Kombe Dilu (Dilu Mona)
11. Massa 1 & 2 (Dilu Mona)
12. Milongo ya bana (Pepe Kalle)
13. Lundokisi (Pepe Kalle)

Orchestre Lipua Lipua

Nyboma Mwan'dido was born December 24, 1952 in Niokoi, a river village in Maindombe, Zaire. At the age of 16 he began singing with Negro Succès, but the death of Bavon Marie Marie effectively ended that band. In 1972 Nyboma recorded "Mbuta" with Bella Bella and it became Song of the Year. In March 1973 Vangu Soki quit the group and Nyboma & Pepe Kalle formed Lipwa Lipwa. Verckys agreed to let the Soki brothers keep the Bella Bella name and gave their instruments to those who stayed. Their first release was "Kamale" (in April 1973) which became Song of the Year in 1973. This was followed with hits like "Mombassa" & "Nkotela." The original splinter group from Bella Bella included Pepe Kalle, Ricos Kinzunga (solo guitar), Kayembe Zeus, Mbubi Malanda and Nyboma. They were joined by Tagar Mulembu Tshibau and Assossa Tshimanga (vocals), Pierre Bissikita was their rhythm guitarist; after a year he was replaced by Vata Mombassa who had played with Vox Africa and Afrizam. In 1975 key members left to form Les Kamale while Lipua Lipua regrouped under rhythm guitarist "Professor" Vata Mombassa. According to a poster on Youtube the 1975 line-up was Kilola Mwananzunga (soprano who replaced Nyboma), Mongo Ley, Nyaya Nzyayadio, Maurice Denewade, Vata Mombassa, Dona Mobeti, Benanzo Mbuta, Luciana Aspro. After this band, Vata Mombassa continued with a solo career, releasing EN COLERE in 1984 (AR0988). He also collaborated with Dizzy Mandjeku. In 2018 Vata Mombassa was reported as still active in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, while Nyboma was thriving with Kekele and other projects.


A1: Anifa (Malaku)
A2: Mangaka (Nzaya Nzayadio)
B1: No moke
B2: Nono

A1: Mila
A2: Zonga Ndango (Matuti)
B1: Nasala yo nini (Nkuka Gaston)
B2: Ombale (Mbanza)

Verckys prèsente NYBOMA, la Voix qui console (EVVI 145)
Mombassa (Nyboma) VV183
Lemba-Lemba (Mbubi Malanda) Sakumuna SN-18
Matoba (Nzayadio) VV219
Mbondo (Vata Mombassa) VV165
Amba (Nyboma) VV174
Nouvelle Generation (Mbubi Malanda) VV197
Masele (Nyboma) VV137b

Notes: "Mbondo" issued in Kenya as Bana Moja BANA 2, and "Lemba Lemba" issued in Kenya as Eds Elengi ELG27; reissued by Sterns digitally March 2015

LES DERNIERS SUCCES DE Lipua Lipua VOL 1 (VVLP1014; re: ABC2059 cassette)
A1: Noka (Nono Nkuka) 10'38
A2: Blanche (Lusuama Aspro) 10'05
B1: Mimi (Nzaya Nzayadio) 9'40
B2: You You (Lipua Lipua) 9'56

Orchestre Lipua Lipua
EDITIONS Vévé (Sonodisc 360 063 P1974)

A1: Mombasa 1 (Nyboma Muan'dido) 5'30
2: Mombasa 2 (Nyboma Muan'dido) 5'30
3: Fuga Fuga 1 (Mulembu) 5'25
4: Fuga Fuga 2 (Mulembu) 4'15
B1: Niki bue 1 (Kinzunga) 5'17
2: Niki bue 2 (Kinzunga) 5'15
3: Lossa 1 (Vata Mombassa) 5'12
4: Lossa 2 (Vata Mombassa) 5'32

"Fuga fuga" & "Lossa" on CD36566; "Mombassa" on CD KJE1002.

A1-2: Nasepelisa nzoto 1 & 2
A3-4: Distingué 1 & 2
B1-2: Nzela Mobali na yo po otuna 1 & 2
B3-4: Kinzenge Nzenge
(all tracks except "Kinzenge Nzenge" were on Grands Succès vol 4 Sonafric SAF 50074 1978)

Lipua Lipua
The Very Best of L'Orchestre Lipua Lipua (VVLP 1007 ca. 1979)

A1: Mfueni 1 (Vata Mombassa)
2. Mfueni 2
3: Namona ya wapi 1 (Maluku)
4: Namona ya wapi 2
B1: Se-Kizengi 1 (Nzaya Nzayadio)
2: Se-Kizengi 2
3: Kendeke malembe 1 (Makaya)
4: Kendeke malembe 2

Kenyan pressing. Here are the liner notes:
The Incredible L'Orchestre Lipua Lipua band celebrated its fifth anniversary last June since when they broke away from Orch. Bella Bella of Soki Vangu to form Orch. Lipua Lipua.
During its early stages orchestre Lipua Lipua was composed of members like Nyboma Muandido, Mulembu Tshibau, Kinzunga (Ricos) and many others and were recording under Vévé editions. It was after a year or so when some of the members decided to form Les Kamale under Nyboma as the leader and Kinzunga as the lead guitarist with Mulembu on the vocals and so Les Kamale was formed.
After that Orchestre Lipua Lipua was reformed now stronger and Vata Mombassa was the new chief. Professor as nick-named by his colleagues for his skill in the rhythm guitar took over the band in 1974, and through his wise and dynamic leadership orchestre Lipua Lipua is proud of being one of the best groups in Africa.
Apart from being the band leader Prof. Vata Mombassa is very much at home with the rhythm guitar and this is the source of the name Professor. Orchestre Lipua Lipua has the best harmonized team of Vocalists led by Kiloto Toko (High pitched voice). Mbubi Malanda one of the founders of the band, Tedia, Nzaya Nzayadio (So-Kizengi) and the newly enrolled vocalist/Composer Kien' Kiesse, all those vocalists are known for their strong compositions.
A step back to Prof. Vata Mombassa who is said to be the busiest man in this band, as a leader he has a tough task, but all the same he has proved a most able leader.
Professor Vata Mombassa's fame did not come through the guitar or his leadership only, but also from his hit after a hit compositions his last one is a good example which is already a world hit the single is entitled "MFUENI" This one he composed on return from a successful tour of west African States. This tour was a great success of Orchestre Lipua Lipua, and their records are said to be selling like hot cakes in West Africa. This long play is a compilation of their greatest Hits including a new track which is quite heavy composed by Maluku entitled ''NAMONA YO WAPI" Simply meaning where do I find you?
With such a track you assured that orchestre Lipua Lipua is there to stay.

(RAS Records Nigeria VOZ 1002)

A1 Nouvelle Génération 1èr 5:17
A2 Nouvelle Génération 2ème 5:42
A3 Tika Kosaboter Motema 4:24
A4 Mombasa 5:54
B1 Nsayi 5:20
B2 Kuelo 5:05
B3 Kinzenge Nzenge 1èr 5:04
B4 Kinzenge Nzenge 2ème 4:55

Pasi ya Mosapi vol 1 VVLP 83 (1983)


(Compiled by Juan Carlos & AJ)

Amba 1 & 2 (Nyboma) Veve VV 174; African 90.789 1974; CD36566
Anifa (Malaku) Eds Sakumuna SN018 (Kenya 1983)
Blanche 1 & 2 (Lusuama) VV266 1981
Distingué 1 & 2 (Mbudi Malanda) Sakumuna SN 43-176045 1977 re: African 91.494
Fuga Fuga 1 & 2 (Mulembu) Veve 193; re: African 90.888 1974; Agu Iroko Sound (Nigeria) AIS014 1975
Kamale 1 & 2 (Nyboma) VV 129; African 90.663 1973; Decca-Afric CD257; CD36567
Kendeke Malembe (Makaya) Eds Sakumuna 67 1977
Kinzenge Nzenge 1 & 2 (Vata Mombassa) VV225; Sakumuna SN32-3130; African 91.339 1976
Kobotama mobali pasi (Salabio) b/w Tika nasalika (Mputu) VV 149; re: African 90.744 1973
Lemba Lemba 1 & 2 (Mbubi Malanda) Sakumuna SN-18; re: African 91.098; Eds Elengi ELG27; LP 360 091
Libala Distingué (Vata Mombassa) (Veve 268) VVLP 1021 1988
Lossa 1 & 2 (Vata Mombassa) Veve VV 198; African 90.869 1974
Lusamba b/w Masele (Kayembe) Veve VV 137 1973
Mafiela 1 & 2 (Veve 203; African 90.915) 1975 LP 360 073
Mangaka (Nzaya Nzayadio) VEVE TS101 1978
Matoba (Nzaya Nzayadio) VV 219 bis; African 91.099 1975/91.200 1976; LP360 091
Mbondo 1 & 2 (Vata Mombassa) VV 165; re: African 91.013; Bana Moja BANA2 1975
Mfueni (Vata Mombassa) Eds Sakumuna 68 1978
Mombasa 1 & 2 (Nyboma) Veve VV 189; African 90.866 1974; Eds Namaco EN78; CD36566
Moseka Wetu 1 & 2 (Mulembu) [cavacha] Veve 175; African 90.790 1974
Mualuke 1 & 2 (Nyboma) Sakumuna SN 09; African 90.751 1974
Nala 1 & 2 (Kilola Toko Dangani) Eds Sakumuna 14 (?) Bilanga BL007; re: African 91.030 1975
Naleli Libala 1 & 2 (Mbuta Benzao) Sakumuna 58 1977; re: African 91.524; LP: SAF50080
Namona yo wapi (Maluku) VV281 1978
Nasali yo nini (Nkuka Gaston) VEVE TS-93 1980
Nasepelisa Nzoto 1 & 2 (Mbanza) SonAfric SAF1910 1977; CD36567; LP 360 101
Ndukidi 1 & 2 (Nzaya Nzayadio) Sakumuna SN 55; re: African 91.522 1977 CD36567; LP: SAF50080
9è Commandement 1 & 2 (Wunumbakidi Tedia) Veve VV 204; re: African 90.916, Eds Elengi (Kenya) ELG15 1975
Niki Bue 1 & 2 (Kinzunga Ricos) Veve VV 184; Eds Namaco EN77, African 90.864 1974
Nkotela (Kizunga) b/w Seli Ya Mule (Mulembu) Veve 138; African 90.691 1973
Noka (Nkuka) VV332 1982; re: Eds Sakumuna (Kenya 1984)
Nono (Mbanza) Eds VEVE TS114 1981
Nouvelle Génération 1 & 2 (Mbubi Malanda) VV 197; African 90.868 1974 CD36567
Nsayi 1 & 2 (Nkuka) Sakumuna SN 24; African 91.227 1976
Okomi Boye 1 & 2 (Kilola Toko Diangani) Sakumuna SN-57; re: African 91.523 1978 CD 36567; LP: SAF50080
Olito (Mangenza) b/w Cote Sauvage (Nuanina Mpaku) Sakumuna SN11
Ombale (Mbanza) VEVE TS-91 1980
Panama (Vata Mombassa) VV286 1978
Se Kizengi 1 & 2 (Nzaya Nzayadio) Sakumuna SN 014 1978
Sendula (Aspro Lusuama) VV268 1978
Seto King 1 & 2 (Luasana Aspro) VEVE TS39 1979
Temperature 1 & 2 (Tedia Wunu Mbakidi) VV228N, Sakumuna SN 33; African 91.350 1976
Tika kosaboter motema (Kialungila) b/w Kuelo (Nkuka Gaston) VV148 1973; re: African 90.749 1974
Yala (Nzaya Nzayadio) VEVE TS-53 1978
Youyou (Mbanza) VV333 1981
Zela Mobali Na yo Po Otuna (Kiesse) Sakumuna SN 45 1975

1: Amba 1 & 2 (Nyboma) 11'18
2: Massele (Bissikita) 5'45
3: Nkotela (Kinzunga) 4'42
4: Niki Bwe 1 & 2 (Kinzunga) 10'14
5: Mombassa 1 & 2 (Nyboma) 10'53
6: Lossa 1 & 2 (Mombassa Vata) 10'16
7: Fuga Fuga 1 & 2 (Mulembu) 9'33

All tracks: Editions Vévé, includes the previous Sono LP and three other tracks.

GREATEST HITS VOL 2 (King Jimmy Enterprises KJE1002)

1. Mombassa 10'53
2. Amba 11'12
3. Maswa 9'50
4. Mbuta 7'43
5. Lusamba 5'10
6. La Verité blessé 6'11
7. Nouvelle Generation 1 5'06
8. Nouvelle Generation 2 5'33
9. Mondo 8'04

Orchestre Kamale

Kamale were formed in 1975. The core of the group came from Lipua Lipua, while that group reformed around guitarist Vata Mombasa. The name was a friend of Nyboma's attempt to pronounce the french word "camarade" and he took it as the title of a song which was his first hit with Lipua Lipua. In 1977 Les Kamale represented Zaire at FESTAC in Lagos.

Orchestre Kamale
Les Editions Vévé présentent L'Orchestre Kamale & son célèbre chanteur Nyboma (Davos) (Sonodisc 360 019)

A1: Ayidjo (Mulembu) 11'00
A2: Andoya (Nyboma Mwan'dido) 9'53
B1: Abissina (Nyboma Mwan'dido) 10'14
2: Zaina Mama (Nyboma Mwan'dido) 9'20

Note: "Ayindyo" is also known as "Ayidjo"; "Andoya" was the lead cut on "Grands Succès vol 9."

(Sono African CD36567 1997)
1. Maswa 1 & 2 (Nyboma) 10'49 [Ed. Vévé]
2. Assana Mwanba [i.e. muana] Mawa 1 & 2 (Assana Bombongo) 8'12 [Ed. Sakumuna]
3. Massudi 1 & 2 (Nyboma) 10'03 [Ed. Sakumuna]
4. Kamale 1 & 2 (Nyboma) 7'57 [Ed. Vévé]
5. Nasepelisa nzoto 1 & 2 (Nbanza) 8'22 [Ed. Sakumuna]
6. Ndukidi 1 & 2 (Nzayadio Nzaya) 10'30 [Ed. Sakumuna]
7. Okomi boye 1 & 2 (Diangani Kilola Toko) 9'48 [Ed. Sakumuna]

After Kamale broke up, Nyboma joined the African All Stars in Abidjan. He created Kamale Dynamique in 1981 to distinguish the band from the other branch of African All Stars led by Sam Mangwana. Their hits are collected on NYBOMA AND KAMALE DYNAMIQUE (Stern's STCD3023).

Nyboma Muan'dido

Nyboma and Pepe Kalle were probably the most popular singers to come out of Verckys' studio. A three-CD retrospective on the Glenn label covers the early career of Nyboma with Bella Bella, Lipua Lipua and Les Kamale. He started out as a teenager when he quit his job as apprentice electrician to join Baby National of Freddy Malongo and for a while was in Negro Succès of Siongo Bavon Marie Marie. In 1972 he joined Bella Bella of the Soki brothers and by 1973 had scored hits with them which feautred the three voices of Nyboma, Soki Vangu and Pepe Kalle (Kabasele Yampanya. Lipua Lipua was formed by Nyboma with Mulembu, Kinzunga Ricos (solo gtr), Kayembe Zeus, Bissikita (guitar accompanist, who was replaced in 1974 by Vata Mombassa) and others, including Pepe Kalle, who left to form Empire des Bakuba. A look at songwriting credits shows who moved to form Les Kamale with him. Nyboma and Pepe Kalle teamed up in the late 80s for a triumphant reunion album, Moyibi.

courtesy: Zim Bida
Vol 1 1971-1974 (GM 312002 1998)

Mbuta 1 & 2 (Nyboma) Bella Bella
La Verité Blessé (Soki Vangu) Bella Bella
Suaze (Bissikita) Bella Bella
Nkotela (Kinzunga Ricos) Lipua Lipua
Massele (Kinzunga Ricos) Lipua Lipua
Mombassa 1 & 2 (Bissikita) Lipua Lipua
Zaina Mama 1 & 2 (Nyboma) Les Kamale

Vol 2 1972-1974 (GM 312003 1998)

Kamale (Nyboma) Lipua Lipua
Fuga-Fuga (Mulembu) Lipua Lipua
Niki Bwe (Kinzunga Ricos) Lipua Lipua
Lusamba (Kayembe) Lipua Lipua
Amba (Nyboma) Lipua Lipua
Moseka Wetu Lipua Lipua

Vol 3 1974-1975 (GM 312004 1998)

Ayindjo (Mulembu) Les Kamale
Abissina (Nyboma) Les Kamale
Maswa (Nyboma) Lipua Lipua
Masudi (Nyboma) Les Kamale
Assana mwana mawa (Assana Bombongo) Les Kamale

Two CDs on Sonodisc also cover the same groups:

1. Amba (Nyboma)
2. Massele (Bissikita)
3. Nkotela (Kizunga Ricos)
4. Niki Bwe (Kinzunga)
5. Mombassa (Nyboma)
6. Lusamba (Kayembe)
7. Lossa (Mombassa Vata)
8. Fuga Fuga (Mulembu)


1. Maswa (Nyboma & Lipua Lipua) Eds Vévé
2. Assana mwana mawa (Assana Bombongo & Les Kamale) Eds Sakumuna
3. Massudi (Nyboma & Les Kamale) Eds Sakumuna
4. Kamale (Nyboma & Lipua Lipua) Eds Vévé
5. Nasepelisa nzoto (Nbanza & Les Kamale) Eds Sakumuna
6. Ndukidi (Nzayadio Nzaya & Les Kamale) Eds Sakumuna
7. Okomi boye (Diangani Kilola Toko & Les Kamale) Eds Sakumuna


Orchestre Kiam

Orchestre Kiam, formed in 1974, was named for Verckys himself. A Japanese fansite for the band listed this personnel:
Muzola Ngunga : chef d'orchestre /chanteur
Bakolo Keta : chanteur (EMPIRE BAKUBA 90 et BIG STARS)
Adoli : chanteur (DEFAO et BIG STARS)
Solola Sol Sol : chanteur
Laza : chanteur
Lele N'Sundi : rhythm guitar
Djuke : guitare solo
Sonora : guitare solo
Dezai : guitare rythmique
Morema : guitare rythmique
Kady : bassiste
Vechiko : batterie
& ADIOS ALEMBA ancien musician de l'orchestre KIAM

In the song "Kamiki" they shout out to Les Kamale. Two volumes of their Super Hits were issued by Verckys in Nairobi. The songwriting credits & liner notes on these suggest a second generation of members had assumed the name by then: Munzola Ngunga (leader, singer), Mfui Mwane, Nkodia Via Nkodia, Shungu, Kanza Bayone (later of Yoka Lokole), Lita Bembo, Bamueniki and Munkala Bebidad. In addition to a Kenyan following they had fans in Nigeria too, after appearing in the Black African Festival in Lagos in 1976. After the core of the band split with guitarist Souza Vangu soon after Festival Lagos to form orch Baya Baya, Adios Alemba and Bakola Keta joined Defao's Big Stars, while leader Muzola Ngunga and rhythm guitarist Lele N'Sundi joined Debaba in L'Orch. Historia. For more on Orch Baya Baya see my Congo in Tanzania page.

LP: Orchestre KIAM
Editions Vévé (Sonodisc 360 062 1974-5)

A1: YOYOWE 1 & 2 (Lele N'Sundi)
A2: MUANA KIAM (Mboyo Bola)
A3: KUNDE KUNDE 1 & 2 (Mzola Ngunga)
B-1. BAYA-BAYA 1 & 2 (Bakolo Keta)
B-2. NINA (Bakolo Keta)
B-3. LOMBE (Botuli Ilongo)

(VVLP 1003 - Phonogram, Nairobi 1977)

A1: Azangai 1 & 2 (Shungu)
2: Yule (Munkala Bebidad)
3: Namaraley (Munkala Bebidad)
B1: Mbale 1 & 2 (Mfui Mwane)
2: Makonda 1 & 2 (Nkodia Via Nkodia)

Liner Notes: Orchestre Kiam is not a new name in the music world as when most of us hear the name of this group we are reminded of their Top Singles such as MEMI, KAMIKI, YANGA YANGA -- to name but a few. This group was formed only three years ago but as a result of their efforts they have managed to get themselves a good place in the Top list of best players of Zaire in 1976 and so they were sent to Lagos Nigeria during the Black African Festival.

The name KIAM in its long form means KIAMUANGANA so when you hear this you know undoubtedly that Kiamuangana Mateta -- the Pop star is involved in one way or the other. I should say he advises them in the musical field and arranges orchestration. It is his own band but he doesn't play with them. The group is composed of very special members whose functions apart from playing instruments are known for their compositions -- people like Kanza Rayon, Munzola Ngunga, Bamueniki (Mwana-Moni Afinda), Lita Bembo, Nkodia via Nkodia to name but a few.

This is Kiam's first LP in their Super Hits series and includes the latest and newest hit "Mbale" by Mfui Mwane as well as "Azangai" by Shungu.

Join us and keep up to date with orch Kiam. -- Justus Musyoka Kasoya / Phonogram Nairobi

courtesy: rafa escobar
(VVLP 1005 - 1977)

A1: Bakule
A2: Exode
B1: Meta M.M.
B2: Yayona


Orch Kiam 45s:

Azangai (Shungu) VV222 (re: African 91.201 1976)
Baya Baya 1 & 2 (Bakolo Keta) VV185 LP 360 062
Bomoto Pts 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga) VV247; also SN 001 (re: African 91.539)
Ifantu (Bakolo Keta) VV248 (also SN008N, re: African 91.541 1977)
Kamiki 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga) Sakumuna SN25 1975 (re: African 91.228; also VV 218; also VV263 1983)
Kunde Kunde (Muzola Ngunga) VV186 (re: African 90.886 1974) LP 360 062
Maketa (Shungu Pania) VV248 (Re: African 91.540 1977)
Makonda 1 & 2 (Nkodia via Nkodia) Sakumuna SN27 1976 (re: African 91.228)
Masumu 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga) VV7-224 (Kenya?); Sakumuna SN13 1975 (re: African 90.979)
Mayika (Munzola Ngunga) b/w Ya Ngambo (Mboyo Bola) Eds Elengi ELG 4; also VV167 1974 (re: African 90.764)
Mbale 1 & 2 (M'Fui Muane) Sakumuna SN35 1977 (re: African 91.495; also VV 239N = N indicates Nairobi issue)
Memi 1 & 2 (Kanza Bayone) Sakumuna SN15 (re: African 91.063 1975)
Moni Afinda 1 & 2 (Bamueniko) Sakumuna SN26 (re: African 91.309 1976)
Nina (Bakolo Keta) b/w Lola (Botuli Ilonga) VV 170 (re: African 90.822 1974) LP 360 062
Pamuzo Pts 1 & 2 VV 258
Ya Yo Na 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga) SN66 (Re: African 91.582 1977)
Yanga-Yanga (Bamueniko) b/w Kobondela (Denewade) Sakumuna SN12 1975 (re: African 90.978)
Yoyowe (Lele N'Sundi) VV207; LP 360 062
Yule b/w Niamaraley (Munkala Bebidad) Sakumuna SN36 1976 (re: African 91.351)

Orchestre Stukas

Orchestre Stukas
L'AFRIQUE DANSE (Sonodisc 360 131 P1979)

A1: C'est la vie (Suke Bola) [Ed. Nationale]
2: Esta bibisha (Lita Bembo) [Ed. Vévé]
B1: Colombo (Lita Bembo) [Ed. Vévé]
2: Awuti poto (Lita Bembo) [Ed. Vévé]

Note: The companion volume 360 130 has no Vévé tracks on it

Zaiko Langa Langa

Mété la verité

(Editions Vévé EVVI 104)
A1: Onassis
2: Vie ya mosolo
3: Mété la verité
B1: Bepe ya munu
2: Bakumba
3: Yo nalinga 1 & 2

"Onassis" & "Bakumba" collected on FDB300241 CD C'est la Verité; "Bepe ya munu" on Sono CD36539

(Sonodisc 360 092 P1973-5)
A3: Vie ya mosolo (Jose Teddy Sukami) 5'20 [Ed. Vévé]
B3: C'est la verité (Jules Shungu) 5'04 [Ed. Vévé]

CD: Les plus grands succes de l'orchestre ZAIKO LANGA LANGA

1. Sentiment Awa (Nyoka Longo) 1978 [Ed Vévé]
2. Essesse (Lengi Lenga) 1981 [Ed Vévé]
3. Kinshasa Makambo (Bimi Ombale) 1981 [Ed Vévé]
4. Lolita 1er version (Bimi Ombale) [Ed. Molende]
5. Deception Likinga (Likinga Redo) 1979 [Ed Vévé]
6. Youyou (Bimi Ombale) 1977 [Ed Vévé]
7. Cherie Nzembo bis (Nyoka Longo) 1981 [Ed Vévé]
8. Mbelengo 1er version (Bimi Ombale) [Ed. Molende]

Part Three: Paris issues by Verckys

Verckys et l'immortel Vévé
"Nalobaka na Tina" (EVVI 01 1980)

A: Nalobaka na Tina (Verckys)
2: Mopanzi na Wuta Lengema (Luntadila)
B: Akipaka ngai te (Verckys)
2: Détresse (Makanzu)

Verckys et l'immortel Vévé
(EVVI 02 Seliba 1980)

1. Seliba (Verckys)
2. Maza (Matadi de la France)
3. Pinjoli Ya Lolango (Luntadila)
4. Muje Kabongo (Makamba Dali)

Note: The Polygram reissue has different tracks:
Verckys et l'immortel Vévé vol 2
(EVVI 02D 1980)

1. Ditutala
2. Muje Kabongo
3. Ponjoli Ya Lolango
4. Taty

Verckys et immortel Vévé
(EVVI 11D also Sacodis Abdjan: LS65)

A1: Dribling Ya Somo (Verckys)
2: Djumani (Basengola)
B1: Obaluki (Verckys)
2: Espoir Perdu (Didelo)

The liner notes by journalist Père Ngoy call this "the return of Verckys": It's a strong set with two good new numbers from Verckys, "Dribling ya somo" and "Obaluki." Tracks A1 & 2 are reversed because A2 has the chorus "Dribling ya somo" and a blistering guitar and sax outro, complete with big horn chorus, a trombone solo, and exhortations from the singers.

L'Immortel Vévé
Est-ce Que? (EVVI 63D)

(also Rhythmes et Musique REM650)
1. Est-ce Que (Kiam - Mateta Verckys)
2. Monimambu (Mantuika)
3. Dada (Bonyeme)
4. Monsieur Raison (Kiambukuta)

Note: Is "Monimambu" about the spirit, or Jimmy Monimambo the Congolese singer who moved to East Africa in the 70s? Thierry Mantuika Kobi joined Vévé after leaving OK Jazz in 1987 but rejoined Franco in 1988. A pretty laid-back album in the Paris style (fortunately pre-drum machine) but the dread crappy synth kicks in during the last number.



Title checklist of the EVVI Label

= reissued digitally in 2015 by Stern's

[for titles in this section, thanks go to, Papa Mundele, Zim Bida & Stern's]

(EVVI 01) Verckys & le Vévé - vol. 1
(EVVI 02) Orchestre Vévé - vol. 2 Seliba (1980)

courtesy: Ambiance Congo
(EVVI 02D) Verckys et l'immortel Vévé, Vol 2
(EVVI 03) Zaiko Langa Langa - Crois-moi (1980)

(EVVI 05) L'Orchestre Minzoto Wella Wella dans Caneton à l'aisement (1980)
Fala (Ambele Mondo)
Lubutu (Malembe Chant)
Pingula (Ya Kuva) (Matuti Mwana Siele "Djo Roy")
Santa Maria (Matuti Djo Roy)

courtesy: Ambiance Congo
No moke

Milfa (= Mafiela?)
Zonga Ndango (Matuti)
Nasala yo nini

(EVVI 09) Djuna Djanana - Mr Plus Normal Normal (1989)
Ami Boda-Boda
Famy Kashala
Elegant Kito
Princesse Bokomo
Dezy Senga
(EVVI 10D) Le Grand Maitre Waku Manuaku & Grand Zaiko Wa Wa (1980)
(EVVI 11D; also released as LS 65) Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé

(EVVI 12D) Le Seigneur Rochereau - Mazé
Mbanda Monument
Mr Malonga
(All tracks composed by Tabu Ley Rochereau)

courtesy: Ambiance Congo
(EVVI 13D) Tabu Ley Rochereau & Mbilia Bel Mpeve ya Longo (1984)
Mpeve ya Longo
Jalousie Mal Placée
On a Raconte

(EVVI 14D) EVVI presente "Le Seigneur Rochereau" - Mpeve a N'longo
Mpeve a N'longo (Tabu Ley)
Sima na ngai (Tabu Ley)
Loumousou (Shaba Kahamba)
Bombanda Jamais (Diasi)
Not only are these different tracks from above issue, the title is meaningless. One explanation would be Rochereau rerecorded the title song without Mbilia Bel and added three different tracks for the reissue.

(EVVI 15D) Verckys présente Empire Bakuba (1981)
Zabolo (Kabasele Yampanya)
Kay-tshim (Papy Tex)
Souvenir Mpoli (Kinanga Empire Bakuba)
Dianzenza (Ndana Malu)
(All tracks on Ngoyarto CD Zabolo)

(EVVI 16) Verckys présente Soki Vangu, Nyboma, Pepe Kalle et l'orchestre Bella Bella
La verité blessé
Lipua Lipua

(EVVI 16D) Verckys présente Langa Langa Stars vol 2
Requiem (Evoloko Joker)
Parfum na ngai (Djuna Dianana RTL)
Ata pneu ya reserve Nandimi (Bozi Boziana)
Gloria Mangasa (Dindo Yogo)

(EVVI 17) Langa Langa Stars - Avenir Mbeya (1983)
(EVVI 18) Verckys présente les 7 patrons de Langa Langa Stars
Tete Africain
Peche Mortel
Bakutu bis
La Mignone

(EVVI 19) Verckys présente L'Empire Bakuba dans Amour Propre (1982)
Amour propre (Pepe Kalle)
Madi Madimba (Papy Tex)
Mpitisha bonne année (Pepe Kalle)
Botika ngai (Papy Tex)

courtesy: Ambiance Congo
(EVVI 20) Victoria Eleison - Okosi ngai mfumu (1984)
(EVVI 21) Manuaku Waku & Grand Zaiko Wa Wa - Eke ya pamba
(EVVI 22) Langa Langa Stars - Likombe (1985)

(EVVI 23) Verckys présente Afro International (Effacer le Tableau)
Effacer le Tableau (Shiko Mawatu)
Mukoma (Mimi Ley)
Mère puissance (Shiko Mawatu)
Mère géographie (Mimi Ley)

(EVVI 24) Verckys présente Langa Langa Stars & Choc Stars
Nzembo elengui
(EVVI 25) Vonga Aye - Pare-Chocs

(EVVI 37) Djo Mpoyi & Tiers Monde Cooperation Cherie Muikuayi
Cherie Muikuayi
Vieux ya quartier
Solo na ngai
(Ed. Veve International reissued on CD)

(EVVI 38) Michel Boyibanda - Ebuka System's

(EVVI 39; REM 370) Verckys présente Victoria & Emeneya
Sango Mabala Commission (P.1984)
Sango Mabala Commission (Petit Prince)
Safi sana (Joli Mubiala)
Makele (Malembe Chant)
Zenobi (Pambou Cartouche)

(EVVI 40; REM 480) Langa Langa Stars - K.O. Debout
(EVVI 41) Empire Bakuba - Patience
(EVVI 42) Emeneya & Victoria Eleison - Surmenage (1984)
(EVVI 43) Mimi Ley & Afro National - Kobange
(EVVI 44) Afro International avec Jolie Detta - Kobange
(EVVI 45) Pepe Kalle & Empire Bakuba - Cherie Ondi (1985)
(EVVI 46) Victoria Eleison - Kimpiatu 1986)
(EVVI 47 Emeneya & Victoria Eleison - La Carte qui gagne (1986)
(EVVI 49) Debaba et Historia - Kayikoley - Kayikoley/Muke/Mille Baisers/Mama Lome
(EVVI 52) Emerite Emeneya, Safro Manzangi & Victoria Eleison - Ambenzo
(EVVI 55) Papa Wemba et son Viva la Musica - Beau Gosse ya Paris
(EVVI 56) Emeneya Emerite et le Victoria Eleison Wabelo
A1 Wabelo
A2 Jamaika
B1 Presser Te
B2 Mensonge

(EVVI 63D) L'Orchestre Vévé Est-ce que? P.1985
(EVVI 64) Grand-père Bozi Boziana et l'Anti Choc - Mansangana/Mami Kenge/Tsitsha/Shuna
(EVVI 69) Verckys présente Monza 1er et Les Stars Magnats - Fleur du Lac
(EVVI 70) Langa Langa? Manhattan (1987)

(EVVI 71) Langa Langa Stars with Evoloko Jocker - Doné Bis (1987)
Doné Bis (Evoloko Joker)
Alika Ndioli Malako)
Emotion Sika (Koko Anana)
Souvenir Mazeya Leye)

(EVVI 73) Verckys présente Grand Pere Bozi Boziana
(EVVI 80) Afro International de Mimi Ley (with Shiko Mawatu)
(EVVI 81) Verckys présente Le Super Wa Wa de Djo Nickel
(EVVI 85) Bozi Boziana & Anti Choc - Mon marie est Gabonais P.1990
(EVVI 86) Orchestre Vévé Paris - Dakar
(EVVI 86?) Diatho Kukoko et l'Immortel Vévé Ca c'est toi Ca c'est toi/Mwanke/Malipo/Emina (1987)

(EVVI 89) Verckys présente Desuza et Dikoël & l'Orchestre Immortel Vévé
Sentiment Marine (Do Dickoël)
Tshamala Miwambo (De Souza)
Adieto (De Souza)
Ekuemoto (Do Dickoël)

(EVVI 100) Emeneya - Verckys presente Jo Kester Emeneya
(EVVI 104) Verckys présente Zaiko Langa Langa Mete la verité
(EVVI 105) Empire Bakuba de Pepe Kalle "Hommage au Gabon"- A: Zabolo / Kay-Tshim / B: Dianzenza / Kiwaka (reissued by Disco Stock Abidjan as LP7996; see also NGOYARTO CD052)
(EVVI 112) Verckys / Sergino et L'Immortel Vévé --A1. L'Homme c'est l'Homme A2. Ela; B1. Abwangle B2. Aleko

(EVVI 120) Le Dr. Emeneya et Victoria Eleison: Mokosa (1987)
Mokosa (Emeneya)
Riva Dimbala (Boloko Manzangi Anau)
Made (Boloko Manzangi Anau)
Confiance Aveugle (Boloko Manzangi Anau)

(EVVI 122) Les editions VEVE présentent Bozi Boziana et l'Anti Choc - Sans Frontières (1987)
(EVVI 140) Evoloko Jocker & Orchestre Langa Langa Stars - CD REISSUE
(EVVI 144bis) Pépé Kalle & Empire Bakuba - Dianzenza CD REISSUE

(EVVI 145) Nyboma & L'Orchestre Lipua- Lipua: Nyboma, la Voix qui console
Mombassa (Nyboma) (On KJE1002 CD; 36566CD)
Lemba-Lemba (Mbubi Malanda) (on 360 091 LP)
Matoba (Nzayadio) (on 360 091 LP)
Mbondo (Vata Mombassa)
Amba (Nyboma) (on 36566CD)
Nouvelle Generation (Mbubi Malanda) (On KJE1002 CD)
Masele (Nyboma) (on CD 36566 & 36532)

(EVVI 151) Koffi Olomidé - Etoile Du Nord - CD REISSUE
(EVVI 155) Orchestre Vévé - Immortel Vévé (2008) - CD REISSUE

(EVVI 156) Verckys présente Zico Man Afro Soucous
Mabina Onu
Cette fois-ci Amanda
S'il vous plait Wabelo
Mon choix
Debout congolais
Samedi soir
All compositions by Zico

(EVVI999) Le Prince Youlou Mabiala & TPOK Jazz de l'an 2000 avec Verckys au Saxo-Alto Le Verdict
Le Verdict
Princesse Ada
Amour Aime
Adieu Pepe Kalle Yampanya

All compositions by Youlou Mabiala

(REM610) Emeneya Emerite et le Victoria Eleison Presser Te
Presser Te (Samba Mpasi Patcho Stars)
Mensonge (Tembo Kilutete "Pinos")
Wabelo (Nseka Fatima Lola)
Jamaica (Koya Ngonda)



LPs issued in Lagos

Various Artists - MUSIC FROM ZAIRE Vol. 1 (DERAM DLPS 001)
Released 1977 by Decca (West Africa) Ltd, Distr by Rogers

A1 Orch. Lipua-Lipua "Nsayi" pt 1 (Nkuka)
A2 Orch. Les Kamale "Ayi Djo" (Mulembu)
A3-4 Orchestre Kamale "Masua" 1 & 2 (Tshimanga Assossa)
B1-2 Orch. Lipua-Lipua "Kinzenge Nzenge" 1 & 2 (Vata Mombasa)
B3-4 Orch. Lipua-Lipua "Temperature" 1 & 2 (Tedia Wunu Mbakidi)

Note: the playlist on the back is completely different from the actual songs on the record, leading me to suspect that the covers were messed up and the so-far undiscovered volume two (DERAM DLPS 002) has this track list:
Side A: Orch Kiam "Kamiki" 1 & 2 [Sakumuna 25]; Orch. Kamale "Abissinia" 1 & 2 [Eds VEVE 225]; Side B: Orch Kiam "Moni Afinda" 1 & 2 [Sakumuna SN26]; Orch Kiam "Azangai" 1 & 2 [VV222]. (P) 1977

Various Artists - STARS OF ZAIRE Vol. 3 (Soundpoint SOP 01)
Released 1981 by Decca (West Africa) Ltd

A1: "Vincent" by Verckys (1975)
A2: "Basi Mawate" by Orch Conga de la Capitale
A3: "Ah Congo"
A4: "Tangana" by Cobantou
B1: "Shama Shama" by orch Cavacha (also on SOP044 vol 6)
B2: "Republique du Zaire (Refrain)" by OK Jazz
B3: "Fanta Diara" by Nico & African Fiesta
B4: "Vea Mokonzi" by Zinga and Kin-Bantous

cover says vol 3, but probably vol 1 based on catalogue number, or else it was done to distinguish it from the "MUSIC OF ZAIRE" series which had reached two volumes

Various Artists - STARS OF ZAIRE Vol. 4 (Soundpoint SOP 02)
Released 1981 by Decca (West Africa) Ltd, but possibly 1977

A1: "Olingi N'Kufa 1" by Veve (1972 VV152a)
A2: "Olingi N'Kufa 2" by Veve (1972 VV152b)
A3: "Suzanna" by Nico & African Fiesta
A4: "Nzongo" by Nico & African Fiesta
B1: "Photo Madjesi" by Trio Madjesi & Orch Sosoliso
B2: "Weekend"
B3: "Tozali Kozila" by Mujos, Rochereau & African Fiesta
B4: "Fiesta Kombo Ya Sika" by African Fiesta

cover says "vol 4"; evidence suggests it is vol 2

(Soundpoint SOP041 1977)

Track A3: Orch Lipua Lipua "Kamale pt 1"
B1: Orch Vévé "Ndona pt 2"
B2: Orch Bella Bella "Mbuta pt 2" (Nyboma)

(Soundpoint SOP042)

Track A1: Orch. Bella-Bella "Sola pt 2"
B3: Orch Vévé "Mfumbwa pt 2"
B4: Orch. Bella-Bella "Nakomitunaka"

courtesy: John Beadle/Likembe
(Soundpoint SOP044)

Side A:
Orch Kiam: Baya Baya pt 2 (Studio Mobile Vévé)
Orch Lipua Lipua: Mombasa (Studio Mobile Vévé)
Orch Lipua Lipua: Tika Kosaboter Motema (Studio Mobile Vévé)
Orch Lipua Lipua: Kuelo (Studio Mobile Vévé)
Side B:
Orch Lipua Lipua: Nouvelle Génération pts 1 & 2
Orch Bella-Bella: Mwana Yoka Toli
Orch Cavacha: Shama Shama pt 2

"Yoka toli" on Sono CD36546 Jeunes Vedettes


VOICE OF ZAIRE VOL 1 [Nigerian issue]
Kiam, Lipua Lipua, Vévé
RAS Rogers All Stars (VOZ 1001 1981)

A1: Masumu / Orch Kiam
A2: Fuga Fuga / Lipua Lipua
B1: Lukani / Orch Vévé
B2: Lembe Lembe / Lipua Lipua
B3: Zonga Andowe / Orch Vévé

(RAS Records Nigeria VOZ 1002)

A1 Nouvelle Génération 1èr 5:17
A2 Nouvelle Génération 2ème 5:42
A3 Tika Kosaboter Motema 4:24
A4 Mombasa 5:54
B1 Nsayi 5:20
B2 Kuelo 5:05
B3 Kinzenge Nzenge 1èr 5:04
B4 Kinzenge Nzenge 2ème 4:55

via Nick Beddow
ORCHESTRES KAMALE ET KIAM / Vévé VOL 2 [Nigerian issue]
RAS Rogers All Stars (VOS 1003) 1982 Eds Veve Int'l

A1: Baya-Baya (Bakolo Keta) Orch Kiam
A2: Kamiki 1èr (Muzola-Ngunga) Orch Kiam
A2: Kamiki 2ème (Muzola-Ngunga) Orch Kiam
A4: Moni Afinda (Bamueniko) Orch Kiam
B1: Ayi-Djo (Mulembu) Orch Les Kamale
B2: Masua (Tshimanga Assosa) Orch Kamale
B3: Abissinia 1èr (Nyboma) Orch Kamale
B4: Abissinia 2ème (Nyboma) Orch Kamale

(Hasbunalau Record Company HRCL 8, Nigeria 1977)

A1-2: L'Orchestre Vévé "Lukani" 1 & 2 (Tusevo)
A3: L'Orchestre Vévé "Toweli Nini?"
A4: L'Orchestre Vévé "Belina"
B1-2: Matuti et L'Orchestre Vévé "Zonga Andowe" 1 & 2
B3-4: Malanda-Mbudi et L'Orchestre Lipua-Lipua "Lemba-Lemba" 1 & 2

See also preceding VOZ 1001 on RAS records. "Lukani" also came out on African 91.095; "Toweli nini" and "Belina" were on a 45 reissued in Nairobi, as well as on ASLP 903 [below]; "Zonga Andowe" came out on African 91.097 & the Sono LP 360 091.


LPs issued in Nairobi


A: Orch Lipua Lipua: Mbondo 1 & 2
Mayaula et OK Jazz: Cherie Bondowe 1 & 2
B: Orch Vévé: Natamboli Moto 1 & 2
Orch Somo Somo: Bawumba 1 & 2


A: Orch Vévé: Toweli nini
Orch Vévé: Belina
Orch Bella Bella: Horoscope 1 & 2
B: Orch Vévé: Lukani 1 & 2
Orch Lipua Lipua: Lemba Lemba 1 & 2

(also issued in Nigeria)

Soki Vangu & Orchestre Bella Bella
Greatest Hits Volume One
(Super Hits) (ASLP909)

Misere ya Libala
Tolembaka Te Pt. 1
Tolembaka Te Pt. 2
Bondeko Pt. 1
Bondeko Pt. 2
Kumisa Ngai Pt. 1
Kumisa Ngai Pt. 2

BY PROF. VATA MOMBASSA (Polygram Records, Kenya Sakamuna SNLP001)

A1. Nouvelle Generation (Mbundi Malanda) - Lipua Lipua
A2. Mombasa (Nyboma Muan'dido) - Lipua Lipua
A3. Moni Afinda (Bamueniko) - Orch Kiam
B1. Ngali (Malumbu) - Les Kamale
B2. Zaina Mopaya (Nyboma) - Les Kamale
B3. Ayi Djo (Mulembu) - Les Kamale

10 YEARS AGO VOLUME ONE (Polygram Records, Kenya Sakamuna SNLP004 ca 1984)

A1. Ndona 1 & 2 - Vercky's & Orch. Veve
A2. Kamale 1 & 2 - Nyboma Muandido
B1. Lossa 1 & 2 - Vata Mombassa
B2. Sola 1 & 2 - Soki Vangu

(tracks two and three by Lipua Lipua, track four by Bella Bella)

VVLP03D (1984) ZAIKO LANGA LANGA: Mété la Verité (reissue of EVVI104)
A1: Onassis
A2: Vie ya mosolo
A3: Mété la verité
B1: Bepe ya munu
B2: Bakumba
B3: Yo nalinga 1 & 2

VVLP83 Lipua Lipua PASI YA MOSAPI (1983)

VVLP1001 EDITION VEVE - Hit Parade Volume One (1976)
A1-2: Bassala Hot 1 & 2 - Verckys & Orchestre VÉVÉ
A3-4: Nsayi 1 & 2 - Lipua Lipua
B1-2: Natamboli moto 1 & 2 - Orchestre VÉVÉ
B3-4: Memi 1 & 2 - Orch Kiam

"Bassala Hot" on Analog Africa CD17; "Memi" on digital reissue from Stern's

VVLP1002 EDITION VEVE - Hit Parade Volume Two (1976)
A1-2: Orch Vévé: Mangala
A3-4: Orch Lipua Lipua: Matoba (Mbubi Malanda)
B1-2: Orch Kiam: Kamiki 1 & 2 (Muzola-Ngunga)
B3-4: Orch Vévé: Ya Nini (CD Analog Africa 17)

A1-2: Nasepelisa nzoto 1 & 2
A3-4: Distingué 1 & 2
B1-2: Nzela Mobali na yo po otuna 1 & 2
B3-4: Kinzenge Nzenge
(all tracks except "Kinzenge Nzenge" were on Grands Succès vol 4 Sonafric SAF 50074 1978)

(also listed as) VVLP1003 KIAM SUPER HITS
A1-2: Azangai (Shungu) [cavacha] VV222
A3: Yule (Munkala Bebidad) SN36a
A4: Namaraley (Munkala Bebidad) SN36b
B1-2: Mbale (M'Fui Muane) SN35
B3-4: Makonda (Nkodia via Nkodia) [cavacha] SN27

VVLP1003 KIAM Greatest Hits vol 1
(Third album to have this same catalogue number!)

A1-2: Bakule (M'fui Muana)
A3-4: Exode (Mack Joss)
B1-2: Meta m.m.
B3-4: Yayona

A1: Bomoto (Muzola Ngunga)
A2: Memi (Kanza Bayone)
B1: Kamiki (Muzola Ngunga)
B2: Moni Afinda (Bamueniko)

VVLP1006 Vercky's & L'Orchestre Veve
1. Nakoma juste 1 & 2 (Muinkua Nvura) On CD: Sono8478
2. Oh Amigo!!! 1 & 2
3. Nakomi paralysée 1 & 2 (a.k.a. "Nakomi paradise" on Analog Africa CD17)
4. Compter sur moi 1 & 2

VVLP1007 The Very Best of L'Orchestre Lipua Lipua
A1-2: Mfueni (Vata Mombasa)
A3-4: Namona ya wapi (Maluku)
B1-2: Se-Kizengi (Nzaya Nzayadio)
B3-4: Kendeke Malembe (Makaya)
(see notes under Lipua Lipua)

VVLP1013 International Minzoto dans Caneton à l'aisement

(1980; orig EVVI05)
Fala (Ambele Mondo)
Lubutu (Malembe Chant)
Pingula (Ya Kuva) (Matuti Mwana Siele "Djo Roy")
Santa Maria (Matuti Djo Roy)

VVLP1016 (1985) Mimi Ley & l'orch Afro International Allo Ndjili

VVLP1018 L'Immortel Vévé de Verckys
A1: Empoule (Kiambukuta N'Levo)
A2: Conge Technique (Assi Kapela)
B1: Dominer (Bitchoumanou)
B2: Mambiki (Tekadiomona Zeus)
(Note: A Paris production with Celi Bitchou and vocalist & Assi Kapela. Kiambukuta is Josky's brother Serge.)

VVLP1019 (1987) The Very Best of Prof Vata Mombasa & orch Lipua Lipua vol 1

Sakumuna SNLP008 Verckys present Le Minzoto Wella-Wella dans ABIBA (Polygram, Nairobi 1989)
A1: Abiba (Ambele Mondo)
A2: La Prière (Ngadiadia)
B1: Ako (Ambele Mondo)
B2: Lembisa zua (Epineron)

Part Four: CD Reissues

SONODISC CD8478 1990

for Disques Esperance / Meta Company Japan
1. Baluti 1 & 2 (Nguendi Aladji) 9'21 1976
2. Vivita 1 & 2 (Munshi Kuamy) 9'32 1978
3. Kalala 1 & 2 (Muinkua Nvura) 10'05 1978
4. Nakoma Juste 1 & 2 (Muinkua Nvura) 9'18 1976
5. Mikolo Mileki Mingi, Pts. 1 & 2 (Fukiau) 9'48 1977
6. Bilobela 1 & 2 (Kiamwangana Mateta) 10'04 1977

SONO CD36599 1998

(all songs Ed. Vévé 1969-71)
1. Mfumbwa 1 (Verckys) 5'33 LP360 016
2. Mfumbwa 2 (Verckys) 4'11 LP360 016
3. Bolingo Ya Bomwana (Verckys) 5'14 also on CD36540
4. Marie Sango (Sinatra Max) 5'59 also on CD36540
5. Pasi Ya Bolingo (Sinatra Max) 5'13
6. Balobaka Ye Mbongo Mingi (Matadidi Mario) 4'46 LP SAF50008
7. Marcello Tozangana (Sinatra Max) 5'31 LP SAF50009; RGNET1200
8. Pesa Ngai Bolingo (Matadidi Mario) 4'17
9. Bea (Verckys) 5'21 LP SAF50008; CD RETRO 15, 36599
10. Est-Ce Que Nakobala (Verckys) 4'42 LP360 016
11. Nakokoka Ata Botongi (Verckys) 4'39LP360 016
12. Ah! Ngai Matinda (Verckys) 5'50 CD RETRO15
13. Bankoko Baboyi (Verckys) 4'58 LP 360 041
14. Nakomitunaka (Verckys) 6'24 on LP 360 041, CD8478

Note: Tracks 3 & 4 were also on Sono CD36540 where they are attributed to Saak Saakul. Gary Stewart calls "Nakomitunaka" Vercky's masterpiece (I agree) and translates the lyrics in Rumba on the River.

RETROAfric 15CD 2001

1. Sakumuna (Kiamwangana Mateta Verckys) 5'11
2. Baluti (Aladji Nguendi) 9'33
3. Marcelo Tozangana (Sinatra Saak-Saakul) 5'27
4. Ah Ngai Matinda (Kiamwangana Mateta Verckys) 5'49
5. Bea (Kiamwangana Mateta Verckys) 5'20
6. Bilobela (Kiamwangana Mateta Verckys) 10'19
7. Londende (Tino Muinkua) 9'30
8. Mama Djele (Kiamwangana Mateta Verckys) 4'40
9. Mikolo Mileki Mingi (Fukiau Pepito) 8'02
10. Vivita (Kiamwangana Mateta Verckys) 9'41

"Sakumuna" was such a huge hit, Verckys made it the name of a subsidiary label. You can read my review of this CD, where I called Verckys "the Lee Perry of Africa," here.

Tamasha (Nairobi) CDTAM P005
Lina Omesana Boye
Cela Okeba
Tozongana Nzito
Mama Kinzona 1 & 2

Originally on Polygram, featuring the early Vévé lineup of Trio Madjesi on vocals. (See my review and also for some other Tamasha reissues on the Congo part 4 page)

VERCKYS et l'Orchestre Vévé
Congolese Funk, Afrobeat & Psychedelic Rumba 1969-1978 (Analog Africa 2014)

1. Bassala Hot by Orch Vévé Star (Zadis 01; on Grands succès vol 2)
2. Ya Nini (VV212; on Hit Parade volume 2, Nairobi VVLP 1002)
3. Cheka Sana (VV192)
4. Oui Verckys (B-side of VV45)
5. Nakobala Yo Denise (B-side of "L'Afrique aux Africains," on Surboum label; also on Verckys à Paris Sonodisc LP 360 032)
6. Sex Vévé
7. Sisa Motema (B-side of VV146)
8. Talali Talala (B-side of "Cheka sana" VV192)
9. Zonga Vonvon (B-side of VV71)
10. Nakomi Paralise (VV259 as "Nakomi Paradise")
11. Matinda Comono (B-side of VV46)
12. Zumbel
13. Nitarudia by Orch Vévé Star (VV230)
14. Lina Omesana Boye (on Verckys à Paris Sonodisc LP 360 032)

Editions Vévé tracks on CD compilations

3: Orch Vévé: Cherie Anna (Verckys) 5'38 1971

(SONO CD 36532 1993)

1: Orch Bella-Bella: Suaze (Petit Pierre) 5'18 1970
2: Orch Bella-Bella: La verité blessé (Maxime Soki) 6'12 1970
3: Orch Bella-Bella: Mwana Soki (Emile Soki) 7'01 1970
4: Orch Bella-Bella: Marcelui (Kinzunga Ricos) 6'31 1970
11: Orch Lipwa-Lipwa: Lusamba (Kayembe) 5'09 1972
12: Orch Lipwa-Lipwa: Massele (Bissikita) 5'47 1972
13: Orch Lipwa-Lipwa: Nkotela (Kinzunga) 4'43 1972

(SONO CD 36537 1993)

11: Orchestre Vévé: Ekwile Ferros (Verckys) 4'16
12: Orchestre Vévé: Nabwaki nsoi (Verckys) 4'59
Note: Also includes Trio Madjesi, Negro Succes & Kwamy et les Bantous

(SONO CD 36539 1994)

1: Zaiko Langa Langa: Bepe ya munu (Efonge Gina) 4'56 1974
2: Zaiko Langa Langa: Celio (Efonge Gina) 4'56 1974
7: Empire Bakuba: Kebo (Dilu Dilumona; Eds Mara) 8'33 1976
8: Empire Bakuba: Massamba (Dilu Dilumona) 4'52 1974
9: Empire Bakuba: Yayongo (Pepe Kalle) 5'17 1974
10: Lipwa-Lipwa: Mosseke Wetu 1 & 2 (Mulembu) 9'36 1974
Note: Also includes Les Kamale's "Ayidjo" from Eds. Sakumuna

(Sono CD 36540 1994)

6: Vévé de Verckys: Bolingo ya bomwana (Saak Saakul) 5'17 1967
7: Vévé de Verckys: Marie Sango (Saak Saakul) 6'05 1967
Note: Also includes OK Jazz, Bantous, G.O. Malebo, Negro Succès & Les As.

See also Sono CD36599.

(SONO CDS36546 1994)

5: Vata Mombassa and Lipwa-Lipwa: Panana 1 & 2 10'11 1976
6: Tshimanga Assosa & les Kamale: Masua 1 & 2 9'24 1976

Note: Also includes Bella Bella, Viva la Musica & Etumba na Nguaka with Dindo Yogo, though you have to look really hard to find who is on here. Tshimanga Assosa was also a member of Negro Succès with Nyboma, and went on to star with Orchestre Makassy and form Maquis du Zaire, one of the top bands in Tanzania, which is still extant as Bana Maquis.

Factual info from RetroAfric VINTAGE VERCKYS liner notes, and Ronnie Graham's THE WORLD OF AFRICAN MUSIC. Thanks to Zim Bida for his untiring involvement with the discographies, Juan Carlos Mercado Rios, Ronald Z, Papa Mundele, and the usual suspects.

Thanks also to for info from their African catalogue.

See for my reviews of some Tamasha budget reissues of various Verckys' efforts on CD.

Part Five: Tracks Licensed by Sterns from March 2015

Editions Vévé 1969-72 (VERCKYS S001)

1. Bankoko Baboyi (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 05:01
2. Nakokoka Ata Botongi (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 04:42
3. Est-Ce Que Nakobala (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 04:45
4. Pesa Ngai Bolingo (Matadidi Mario) (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 04:20
5. Mfumbwa 1 (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 05:36
6. Mfumbwa 2 (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 04:14
7. Bolingo Ya Bomwana (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 05:17
8. Marie Sango (Sinatra Max Saak Sakool) / Verckys & Le Vévé 06:02
9. Bea (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 05:24
10. Marcello Tozongana (Sinatra Max) / Verckys & Le Vévé 05:31

All tracks previously appeared on Sono CD36599 Bankoko Baboyi 1998

Editions Vévé 1972-78 (VERCKYS S002)

1. Ah! Ngai Matinda (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 05:51
2. Balobaka Ye Mbongo Mingi (Matadidi Mario)/ Verckys & Le Vévé 04:47
3. Nakomitunaka (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 06:25
4. Assamba Ya Beya 1 & 2 (Beya Maduma) / Verckys & Le Vévé 10:06
5. Baluti 1 & 2 (Nguendi Aladji) / Verckys & Le Vévé 09:27
6. Mikolo Mileki Mingi 1 & 2 (Fukiau Kabundua) / Verckys & Le Vévé 09:55
7. Nakoma Juste 1 & 2 (Muinkua) / Verckys & Le Vévé 09:23
8. Bilobela 1 & 2 (Kiamuangana Mateta Verckys ) / Verckys & Le Vévé 10:10
9. Vivita 1 & 2 (Kuamy) / Verckys & Le Vévé 09:32
10. Kalala 1 & 2 (Muinkwa M'Vura) / Verckys & Le Vévé 10:06

The first three tracks previously appeared on Sono CD36599 Bankoko Baboyi 1998; 4 is new to CD; #5, "Baluti" & "Bilobela" appeared on Sono 360 106, CD8478 and RETRO15CD; 6 & 7 also appeared on 360 106 and CD8478; "Vivita" & "Kalala" (originally collected on the Sonafric LP Grands Succès vol 3) were collected on CD8478; the latter also made RETRO15.

Editions Vévé 1969-78 (VERCKYS S003)

1. Nakokufa Pona Mwasi Na Lingi (Youlou Mabiala Gilbert) / Orchestre Vévé, avec Youlou Mabiala 04:16 (on Sonafric SAF50044)
2. Nakoti Kikumbi (Youlou Mabiala Gilbert) / Orchestre Vévé, avec Youlou Mabiala 04:27
3. Makina Loka (Ndombe Opetum) / Orchestre Makina Loka 10:02 (on sono 360 073)
4. Baya Baya (Bakolo Keita) / Orchestra Kiam 04:37 (on VOS1003; sono 360 062)
5. Mbuta (Nyboma) / Orchestre Bella Bella 04:46 (on Nyboma CDs GM312002; vol 2 KJE1002)
6. Sofele (Soki Paul Emile) / Orchestre Bella Bella 06:04
7. Nazoki (Seskain-Molenga) / Empire Bakuba 05:05 (on NG085)
8. Kanu (Dilu Dilumona) / Empire Bakuba 05:23 (on NG085)
9. Nakoluka Yo Sabina (Papy Tex) / Empire Bakuba 05:39 (on NG085)
10. Kuelo (Nkuba) / Orchestra Lipua Lipua 05:09 (on SOP044)
11. Tika Basaboter Motema (Kialungila) / Orchestra Lipua Lipua 04:26 (on SOP044)

Some tracks were previously reissued on some obscure sides, such as Music from Zaire vol 6 and the Ngoyarto Birth of Bakuba CD as well as a couple of now out-of-print Nyboma collections.

Editions Vévé 1972-75 (VERCKYS S004)

1. Suaze (Petit Pierre) / Orchestre Bella Bella 05:18
2. Fuga Fuga 1 & 2 (Mulembu Tshiabu) / Orchestre Lipua Lipua 10:19
3-4. Mombassa 1 & 2 (Nyboma) / Orchestra Lipua Lipua 05:17 / 04:17
5. Mama Isola (Pepe Kalle) / Empire Bakuba 03:23
6. Libaku Mabe (Seskain Molenga) / Empire Bakuba 05:18
7. Nzumba (Dalienst) / Orchestre Grands Maquisards 05:11
8. Yoka Choc (Kiese Diambu) / Orchestre Grands Maquisards 08:35
9. Kombe Dilu (Dilu) / Empire Bakuba 05:06
10. Massa 1 & 2 (Dilu Mona)/ Empire Bakuba 08:04
11. Mokili Ebeta Ngai Fimbo (Bholen) / Orchestre Negro Succes 05:31

"Suaze" & "Mombassa" were on GM312002; "Fuga Fuga" was on the second volume of that series GM 312003; "Maman Isola," "Libaku mabe," "Kombe Dilu" & "Massa" were all on the Naissance de l'orch Empire Bakuba CD Ngoyarto NG085; "Nzumba" and "Yoka choc" were on the Sono LP 360 073 (Clearly there are not enough Maquisards CDs in the world!) and finally the Negro Succès track is an anomaly because according to my research it is an editions Boboto track from 1969, and was gathered on the CD 36537, so I am unsure of the Verckys connection.

Miscellaneous Singles reissued digitally by Stern's

(Sakumuna 15) Orch Kiam: Memi 1 & 2 (Kanza Bavone) 1975 re: African 91.063
(Bella Bella 26) orch Bella Bella: Zamba 1 & 2 (Soki Vangu) 1975 re: African 91.076
(Fuka Fuka 4) Les Kamale: Lokumu na yo 1 & 2 (Kalala Tshiaba) 1975 re: African 91.084
(Sakumuna 18) Lipua Lipua: Lemba Lemba 1 & 2 (Mpubi Malanda) 1975 re: African 91.098
(Sonafric SAF 1951) Zaiko Langa Langa: Fololo ya nzembo (Muaka Mbeka) 1977
(VÉVÉ 148) Lipua Lipua: Tika Kosaboter Motema b/w Kuelo (1978) re: African 90.749
(Sakumuna 14) Lipua Lipua: Nala 1 & 2 (Kilola Toko Diangani) 1975 re: African 91.030
(VÉVÉ 189) Lipua Lipua: Mombassa (Nyboma) 1974
(VÉVÉ 19) Verckys et son ensemble feat. Youlou: Nakokufa Pona Mwasi Na Lingi b/w Nakoti Kikumbi (1969)
(VÉVÉ 211) Verckys et Orch VÉVÉ: Assamba Ya Beya 1 & 2 (Beya Maduma) 1975


(Note: singles on the SAKUMUNA subsidiary are added at the end)

label no



on LP or CD


reissued: African 90.390
Verckys et son ensemble a: Mbula ekoya tokozongana (Verckys)
b: Mano waku Muthiadi (Youlou)
reissued: African 90.289
Verckys et son ensemble a: Nakopesa yo motema
b: Nakokufa Soki oboy' ngai
reissued: African 90.322
Verckys et son ensemble a: Okokoma Mokristo (Simarro)
b: Yaka Tombogisa (Verckys)
reissued: VÉVÉ 500
Verckys et son ensemble a: Balinga na zua te (Bitshou)
b: ?
reissued: VÉVÉ 500
Verckys et son ensemble a: Did ya Beauté (Bitshou)
b: ?
reissued: African 90.357
orch VÉVÉ a: Bankolo Baboyi
b: Nalingi Tovanda
reissued: African 90.370
VErckys & l'orch VÉVÉ a: Bolingo Florence (Verckys)
b: Zongela ngai (Verckys)
reissued: African 90.379; VÉVÉ 502
Verckys/Youlou et l'orch. VÉVÉ a: Linga ngai zua te (Verckys)
b: Nakolata pili (Youlou)
"A" on LP 360 016
reissued: African 90.363
Orchestre Vévé a: Loboko
b: Tell maman
"A" on LP 360 016
reissued: African 90.380
Verckys/Youlou & l'orch VÉVÉ a: Denise (Verckys)
b: Bawaka (Youlou)
reissued: VÉVÉ 501; African 90.375
Verckys et son ensemble a: Basi Bakomi gentilles (Verckys)
b: Naleli misele (Youlou)
reissued: African 90.381
Youlou & l'orch VÉVÉ a: Nakokufa mpo na mwasi na linga (Youlou)
b: Nakoti kikumbi (Youlou)
NGOMA J 5143 Verckys & son ensemble a: Bolingo
b: Naleli misélé
licensed from Verckys 1969
NGOMA J 5145 Verckys & son ensemble a: Na kolati pili
b: Na koya na pokwa
licensed from Verckys 1969
NGOMA J 5146 Verckys & son ensemble a: Okokoma mokristo
b: Sasa akeyi Congo
licensed from Verckys 1969
NGOMA J 5241 Verckys & son ensemble a: Mfumbwa 1
b: Mfumbwa 2
licensed from Verckys; on LP J33011; Sono 360 016; CD36599 1969
NGOMA J 5242 Verckys & son ensemble a: Bankoko bayobi
b: Fifi Solange
licensed from Verckys; b on LP 360 041, CD36599 1969
NGOMA J 5243 Verckys & son ensemble a: Misere
b: Nani akobala ngai
licensed from Verckys 1969
NGOMA J 5253 Orchestre Vévé a: Bolingo ya Bomuana
b: Marie Sango
licensed from Verckys; CD: sono36599; 36540 1969
NGOMA J 5278 Orchestre Vévé a: Ah! Mokili
b: Billy
kiri kiri
reissued: African 90.382
Verckys et l'orchestre Vévé a: Mfumbwa 1 & 2 (Verckys) re: Congo-Decca CD.146; on LP J33011; Sono 360 016; CD36599
reissued: African 90.383
Verckys et l'orchestre Vévé a: Ekuile ferros (Verckys)
b: Na bwaki nsoi (Verckys)
reissued: African 90.384
Verckys et l'orchestre Vévé a: Bolingo ya bomuana (Verckys)
b: Marie Sango (Max Sinatra Saakul)
on LP 360 016
reissued: African 90.386
Orchestre Vévé
Matadidi Mario et Loko Djeskain
a: Natuni namemi ngambo? 4:33 (Matadidi) (Kiri-Kiri)
b: Loboko 4:30 (Loko Djeskain) (Kiri-Kiri)
on LP 360 016
reissued: African 90.387
Verckys & l'orchestre Vévé a: Yeba olekaki ngai (Verckys)
b: Tobina bonne annee 70 (Verckys)
reissued: African 90.391
Orchestre Vévé a: Ah! mokili (Verckys)
b: Misère 2 (Bovic)
"B" on LP 360 016
reissued: African 90.388
Orchestre Vévé a: Tentation (Verckys)
b: Mane Suza (Verckys)
reissued: African 90.413
Orchestre Vévé a: Annitcho (Verckys)
b: Nokokoka ata botongi
"B" on LP 360 016
reissued: African 90.412
Orchestre Vévé a: Naboyi nkasa (Verckys)
b: Ave Maria
reissued: African 90.425
Orchestre Vévé a: Pesa ngai bolingo
b: Oh yeme
reissued: African 90.426
Orchestre Vévé a: Jose Nalinga
b: Se Cita Linda
reissued: African 90.429
Orchestre Vévé a: Mobuto dix ans
b: Baba Bokassa
reissued: African 90.430
Orchestre Vévé a: Marcelo tozongana
b: Reste avec moi
RETRO 15CD 1970
reissued: African 90.437
Orchestre Vévé a: Vincent (Verckys)
b: Mama Djele! (Verckys)
LP: SAF 50008, Sono 360 027; CD: RETRO15
reissued: African 90.438
Orchestre Vévé a: Cornelis (Marcel Koko)
b: Balobaka ye mbongo mingi (Mario Matadidi)
reissued: African 90.447
Orchestre Vévé a: Sakumuna 1
b: Sakumuna 2
reissued: African 90.458
Orchestre Vévé a: Bea
b: Rue 36 Eala
"A" side on LP: SAF50008; CD: 36599, RETRO 15CD
Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards a: Dellya (Dalienst)
b: Kosuambuisa ngai te (Lokombe)
Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards a: Nsonia
b: Biki (Dalienst)
"B" on 360.141; Ngoyarto NG078CD 1971
reissued: African 90.480
Orchestre Vévé a: Vicky
b: Oui Verckys
"B" on CD Analog Africa 17
reissued: African 90.470
Orchestre Vévé a: Maureau Nsumbu
b: Matinda Comono
"B" on CD Analog Africa 17
reissued: African 90.465
Bovic Bondo & Orchestre Vévé A: Clementine (Lidiongo Danyla) (Jobs) 5:00
B: Venus (R. Van Leeuwen) (Jerk) 3:05
"Venus" was originally a hit for Shocking Blue 1970
reissued: African 90.471
Orchestre Vévé a: Lava Lava Eyo
b: Boboyaka mbongo?
reissued: African 90.492
Orchestre Vévé a: Ah Guira (Verckys) Pachanga
b: Ah! ngai Matinda (Verckys) Jobs
B on CD36599; RETRO15 1971
reissued: African 90.489
Bovic/Loko Marcel & L'orchestre Vévé a: Je Reve (Bovic) Samba
b: Keba Joe (Loko Marcel) Kiri Kiri
reissued: African 90.503
Les Grands Maquisards Obotama Mobali Ndima Pasi b/w Maria Mboko 1971
reissued: African 90.495
Diana & Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards a: Diallo
b: Essesse
"B" on Ngoyarto CD NG078
reissued: African 90.496
Dalienst & l'Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards a: Tokosenga na nzambe
b: Biki
both on Ngoyarto CD NG078 1971
reissued: African 90.497
Verckys & Orchestre Vévé Marceline 1 & 2 on LP: SAF 50009
reissued: African 90.504
Orchestre Vévé Isabo b/w Moise ou Anne both on SAF50008
reissued: African 90.498
Orchestre Vévé
Dynamite Verckys
a: Bolingo ya tembe
b: Armee Nationale
reissued: African 90.561
Orchestre Vévé a: Jean-Jean
b: Congo Central Afrique
reissued: African 90.543
Orchestre Bella Bella a: Mandedeli pt 2
b: Lina
"B" on Ngoyarto CD029
reissued: African 90.544
Orchestre Bella Bella Massanga b/w Nakweyi ndeki on Ngoyarto CD029
reissued: African 90.540
Orchestre Vévé Pronostics 1 & 2 LP: 360 032
reissued: African 90.541
Orchestre Vévé Nandimi Motema 1 & 2
reissued: African 90.561
Orchestre Vévé a: Jean-Jean (Mario Matadidi)
b: Congo centre Afrique
reissued: African 90.542
Orchestre Vévé a: Kisombe kamba bana
b: Lucie okolinga ngai?
LP: 360 032
reissued: African 90.545
Orchestre Vévé a: L'Afrique aux Africains
b: Nakobala yo Denise
A on LP: SAF50009; B on 360 032; CD Analog Africa 17
reissued: African 90.552
Orchestre Vévé a: Sois sage
b: Lucie nakoloba nini?
reissued: African 90.567
Orch. Bella Bella / Orch. Vévé a: Jeany Baby
b: Nono
reissued: African 90.553; Soneca (Zaire) 1641
Orchestre Bella Bella a: Massanga (Maxime Soki)
b: Nakweyi ndeke
"B" on Ngoyarto CD029 1971
reissued: African 90.569
Orchestre Vévé a: Honoré motema
b: Lina mapendo
reissued: African 90.562
Orchestre Vévé a: Soco-meuble
b: Zonga vonvon
"B" on CD Analog Africa 17
reissued: African 90.563
Orchestre Vévé a: Mia esta rico
b: Bebe na Paris
reissued: African 90.564
Orchestre Super Boboto a: Isia
b: Libala ezali se libala
reissued: African 90.577
Orchestre Vévé a: Ala ndele nde tozongani
b: Sosoliso
reissued: African 90.577
Orchestre Vévé a: Ala ndele nde tozongani
b: Sosoliso
Orchestre Vévé a: Mita Yeba Ngai (Loko Marcel)
b: Keba José (Loko Marcel)
reissued: African 90.581
Orchestre Bella-Bella a: Ngai nayo se lilita (Maxime Soki)
b: Pete pe tosi tolali (Danos)
reissued: African 90.579
Orchestre Vévé a: Vévé kanisa
b: Yo soy cueno
reissued: African 90.582
Orchestre Bella Bella a: Sofele
b: Bana balela nzala
VÉVÉ 86 Orchestre Negro Mobali 1 & 2 1972
reissued: African 90.580
Orchestre Vévé a: Cafouillage
b: Yoka ngai
reissued: African 90.586
Orchestre Les Bakuba a: Nazanki tata (Seskain Molenga)
b: Nakobelela
reissued: African 90.587
Orchestre Les Bakuba a: Marie France
b: Sophie ma belle Dibo
VÉVÉ 93 Empire Bakuba a: Nakoluka yo Sabina (Dode Matolu)
b: Somo Osali (Papy Tex)
VÉVÉ 94 Empire Bakuba a: O changer ngai position
b: Libaku
reissued: African 90.628
Orchestre Les Bakuba a: Likabu Mabe
b: Nazoki
"B" on Ngoyarto CD085
Orchestre VÉVÉ a: Nakomitunaka (Verckys)
b: Veve Kamisa 2e
"A" on 360.041; CD8478; CD36599 1972
VÉVÉ 99 Orchestre Bella Bella a: Milly (Billy Barel)
b: Taty (Maxime Soki)
VÉVÉ 104
reissued: African 90.620
Orchestre Bella Bella a: Beba Nakobunga
b: Kimbundi
VÉVÉ 111
reissued: African 90.645
Orchestre Bella Bella Mbuta 1 & 2 (Nyboma) CD KJE1002 1972/3
VÉVÉ 112
reissued: African 90.644
Orchestre Bella Bella Sola 1 & 2 (Soki Vangu / Mulemba?) LP 360 049 1972
VÉVÉ 113 Zaiko Langa Langa a: Celio
b: Joliba
VÉVÉ 114 Zaiko Langa Langa a: Cele fely
b: Mamiwani
VÉVÉ 115 Zaiko Langa Langa a: Khadi ya mama
b: Mi merité
VÉVÉ 116 Empire Bakuba a: Massamba (Dilumona)
b: Ya yongo (Kabassele Yampanya)
VÉVÉ 117 Orchestre Vévé Mokolo nini okozonga 1 & 2 1972
VÉVÉ 118 Orchestre Vévé a: Oh motema
b: Nazali wayo
VÉVÉ 119
reissued: African 90.648
Orchestre Vévé a: Betthy
b: Ekule
VÉVÉ 121
re: African 90.646
Empire Bakuba a: Kanu
b: Mama n'isola
VÉVÉ 122
reissued: African 90.649 (1973)
Orchestre Bella Bella a: Lipua Lipua
b: Nakosuka wapi
"A" on Ngoyarto CD032 1973
VÉVÉ 123
reissued: African 90.655
Orchestre Bella Bella a: Getu Salayi
b: Libala kaka boye
"A" on Ngoyarto CD032 1973
VÉVÉ 125
reissued: African 90.654
Orchestre Vévé a: Zongisela Ngai Motema
b: Kanda Mopaya
VÉVÉ 126
reissued: African 90.656
Orchestre Bella Bella a: Toto Wani (Dode Matolu)
b: Nakufa boye
VÉVÉ 127
reissued: African 90.664
Orchestre Vévé a: Ndona 1
b: Ndona 2
part two included on Music from Zaire vol. 3, Lagos: Soundpoint SOP041 (1977)
VÉVÉ 128
Zaiko Langa Langa a: Onassis (Evoloko)
b: Bakumba (Evoloko)
VÉVÉ 129
reissued: African 90.663
Orchestre Lipua Lipua a: Kamale 1 & 2 CD36567; part one included on Music from Zaire vol. 3, Lagos: Soundpoint SOP041 1977
VÉVÉ 130
Zaiko Langa Langa a: Vie ya mosolo (Joe Teddy Sukami) CD: 40 Ans de carrière, en duo de Papa Wemba
VÉVÉ 131
Empire Bakuba/ Papy Tex a: Montese (Papy Tex)
b: Sanda (Papy Tex)
VÉVÉ 132
reissued: African 90.673
Orchestre Vévé a: Fifi
b: Likambo ya somo
"A" on LP: 360 106
VÉVÉ 133 Orchestre Tabou National a: Sema
b: Lokua
VÉVÉ 135 Orchestre Vévé Celina Fukia 1973
VÉVÉ 136
reissued: African 90.708
Orchestre VÉVÉ a: Fifi bako limbisaka
b: Kinshasa elinga masolo ya bato
VÉVÉ 137 Orchestre Lipua Lipua a: Lusamba
b: Masele
VÉVÉ 138
reissued: African 90.691
Orchestre Lipua Lipua a: Nkotela (Kinzunga)
b: Seli ya mule
CD36566 1973
VÉVÉ 143 Souza a: Kilou
b: Lolaka ya bayewi
VÉVÉ 144 Zaiko Langa Langa Yo Nalinga 1 & 2 (Efonge Gina) 1973
VÉVÉ 146
reissued: African 90.742
Orch. Vévé a: Pili ya mbanda (Roxy Tshimpika)
b: Sisa motema (Tona Vickys)
"B" on CD Analog Africa 17 Kenya pressing 1973
VÉVÉ 147
reissued: African 90.743
Orchestre Vévé a: Bakomi bafana
b: Motema ngai nakufelaka
VÉVÉ 148
reissued: African 90.749
Orchestre Lipua Lipua a: Tika kosaboter motema
b: Kuelo

both included on Music from Zaire Vol 6 (Lagos)
VÉVÉ 149
reissued: African 90.744
Orchestre Lipua Lipua a: Kobotama mobali pasi
b: Tika nasalika
VÉVÉ 152 Orchestre VÉVÉ a: Olingi Nakufa 1
b: Olingi Nakufa 2 (Kiamwangana Verckys)
VÉVÉ 155
reissued African 90.723
Orchestre Sensationnels a: Diatoma (Ndowa Mamba Samara) Cavacha 5'08
b: Diassa (Kinsona) Cavacha 5'15
VÉVÉ 158
reissued: African 90.756
Idi Mane & Zaiko Langa Langa a: Etape (Idi Mane)
b: Ngongo (Idi Mane)
VÉVÉ 159
reissued: African 90.757
Orchestre Vévé Maina 1 & 2 (Jojo Ikomo) 1973
VÉVÉ 161
reissued: African 90.758
Kassongo Fundi et son ensemble a: Ya kanda te
b: Osali ngai kisi
VÉVÉ 163
reissued: African 90.759
Orchestre Zaiko Langa-Langa a: Bepe ya munu (Efonge Gina)
b: Celio (Efonge Gina)
VÉVÉ 165
reissued: African 91.013; Bana Moja BANA2
Orch Lipua Lipua Mbondo 1 & 2 (Vata Mombassa) 1975
VÉVÉ 166
reissued: African 90.760
Orchestre Vévé Bankoko 1 & 2 (Verckys) LP: 360 041 Kenyan pressing 1975
VÉVÉ 167
reissued: African 90.764
Orchestre Kiam a: Mayika (Muzola Ngunga) [Cavacha]
b: Ya ngambo (Mboyo Bola) [Cavacha]
VÉVÉ 170
reissued: African 90.822
Orch Kiam a: Nini (Bakolo Keta) [Cavacha] 1974
b: Lola (Botuli Ilonga) [Cavacha] 1974
VÉVÉ 171
reissued: African 90.795
Orchestre Grands Maquisards a: Papa Tshikaya 1
b: Confession (Ntesa Dalienst)
both on CD Ngoyarto NG078
VÉVÉ 172
reissued: African 90.785
Orchestre Tabou National a: Milinga 1
b: Bambi
VÉVÉ 174
reissued: African 90.789
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Amba 1 & 2 (Nyboma) on CD36566 & KJE1002
VÉVÉ 175
reissued: African 90.790
Orch Lipua Lipua Moseka wetu 1 & 2 1974
VÉVÉ 176 Orch VÉVÉ a: Trop tard ami (Kiamwangana Verckys) [Cavacha] 1974
VÉVÉ 177 Orchestre VÉVÉ Waragi
Matinda n'takufa
VÉVÉ 178
re: African 90.815
Orchestre VÉVÉ Ngungu 1 & 2 1974
VÉVÉ 180
reissued: African 90.831
Orchestre Mokito a: Kele-wantu (Ntete Bingana Basaula)
Babuka ngai na esanga (Ntete Bingana Basaula)
VÉVÉ 183
reissued: African 90.866
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Mombasa 1 & 2 Included on Music from Zaire Vol 6 (Lagos); also listed as "Mayimoni" by Orch VEVE 1975 (KO3) perhaps Kenya pressing; also listed as "Vonvon akini ngai" by Orch VEVE (KO4 = Kenya pressing?) 1974
VÉVÉ 184
reissued: African 90.864
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Niki bue 1 & 2 (Ricos Kinzunga) 1974
VÉVÉ 185
reissued: African 90.862
Orch Kiam Baya baya 1 & 2 (Bakolo Keta) [Cavacha] Included on Music from Zaire Vol 6 (Lagos); 360 062 1974
VÉVÉ 186
reissued: African 90.886
Orch Kiam Kunde Kunde 1 & 2 (Mzola Ngunga) Sonodisc 360 062 1974
VÉVÉ 187
reissued: African 90.865
Orch les Grands Maquisards Beneda 1 & 2 1974
VÉVÉ 189
Orch Lipua Lipua Mombassa 1 & 2 (Nyboma Muan'dido)
KJE1002; Sono CD36566
VÉVÉ 192
reissued: African 90.867
Orch VÉVÉ a: Cheka sana
b: Talali Talala
CD Analog Africa 17 1975?
VÉVÉ 193 Orch Lipua Lipua Fuga Fuga 1 & 2 (Mulembu) 1975?
VÉVÉ 196
reissued: African 90.914
Orch Kiam a: Muana Kiam
b: Lombe
360 062 1975
VÉVÉ 197
reissued: African 90.868
Orch Lipua Lipua Nouvelle Generation 1 & 2 (Mbubi Malanda) Included on Music from Zaire Vol 6 (Lagos) 1975
VÉVÉ 198
reissued: African 90.869
Orch Lipua Lipua Lossa 1 & 2 (Vata Mombassa) 1974
VÉVÉ 200
reissued: African 91.105
Orchestre Makina Loka Bondomba 1 & 2
VÉVÉ 203
re: African 90.915
Orch Lipua Lipua Mafiela 1 & 2 1975
VÉVÉ 204 Orch Lipua Lipua 9ème Commandement 1 & 2 (Wunumbakidi Tedia) 1974/1975
VÉVÉ 205
reissued: African 90.947
Orch Kompako Nabeleli 1 & 2 (Kunsita) 1974
VÉVÉ 207 Orch Kiam Yoyowe 1 & 2 (Lele N'Sundi) [Cavacha] LP360 062 1974
VÉVÉ 208 Orch VÉVÉ Suke Ngonge
b: Asikolema
VÉVÉ 208?
reissued: African 91.104
Orchestre Makina Loka Makina Loka 1 & 2
VÉVÉ 209
reissued: African 90.948
Orchestre Continental a: Nsiona (Chandala Suana)
b: Mayitezo (Mayitezo)
VÉVÉ 210
reissued: African 90.940
Orchestre Continental Kimpungu-Mpungu 1 & 2 on LP 360 073 1975
VÉVÉ 211
re: African 90.974
Orchestre VÉVÉ Assamba ya Beya 1 & 2 1975
VÉVÉ 212
reissued: African 90.975
Orchestre VÉVÉ Ya Nini 1 & 2 (Beya Maduma) on VVLP 1002 Hit Parade vol 2; CD Analog Africa 17 (AS3664) 1975
VÉVÉ 213
reissued: African 91.095 (on LP 360 073)
Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards Yoka Choc 1 & 2 also listed as "Lukani" by Tusevo & orch VÉVÉ 1975 (AS3792) Kenya pressing
VÉVÉ 213[N] (AS3792)
reissued: African 91.095
Orchestre VÉVÉ Lukani 1 & 2 (Tusevo) on LP 360 073 1975
VÉVÉ 214
reissued: African 90.976
Orchestre African Kings Ah ponton la belle 1 & 2 (Pambou Tshikaya) 1975
VÉVÉ 214 (also)
Orch Lipua Lipua Matoba 1 & 2 (Mbubi Malanda) 1976 (Kenyan pressing)
VÉVÉ 215 (AS3890) Orchestre VÉVÉ a: Toweli nini (Kiamangwana)
b: Belina (Kiamangwana)
Nairobi pressing (P) 1976
VÉVÉ 216 (AS3891) Orchestre VÉVÉ Natamboli moto 1 & 2 (Muinkwa Mvura) Nairobi pressing 1976
VÉVÉ 216
reissued: African 91.031
Kuyena et son ensemble a: Kimumbu (Kuyena)
b: Kiese mu ntima (Kuyena)
VÉVÉ 218
re: African 91.203
Orchestre VÉVÉ Natamboli moto 1 & 2 (Muinkwa Mvura) 1976
VÉVÉ 219?
reissued: African 91.099
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Matoba 1 & 2 (Nzayadio) 1975
VÉVÉ 220 bis
reissued: African 91.202
Orchestre Vévé a: Toweli Nini
b: Belina
VÉVÉ 221
reissued: African 90.974
Beya Madouma - Orchestre Vévé a: Assamba ya Beya 1 & 2 1975
VÉVÉ 222
reissued: African 91.201
Orch Kiam Azangai 1 & 2 (Shungu) [cavacha] 1976
VÉVÉ 223
re: African 91.354
Orchestre VÉVÉ Vivita 1 & 2 (Kwamy Munsi) SAF50073; CD8478; Retro15CD 1976
VÉVÉ 224(N) Orchestre VÉVÉ Mangala 1 & 2 VVLP1002
VÉVÉ 224
re: African 91.355; also SAF1912
Orchestre VÉVÉ Baluti 1 & 2 (Nguendi Aladji) Sono 360 106;
CD8478; RETRO 15CD
VÉVÉ 224(?)
re: African 91.502; SAF 1916
Orchestre Zaiko Youyou 1 & 2 1977
VÉVÉ 225
reissued: African 91.356
Orchestre Les Kamale Abisina 1 & 2 (Nyboma Mwan'dido)
a: 5'10; b: 5:04
on LP 360 019; DLPS 001 1976
VÉVÉ 226 Orchestre VÉVÉ Muana Mburu (Bitshoumanou Boniface) also listed as "Kalala" by Muinkua and orch VEVE (Nairobi pressing) 1981?
VÉVÉ 227N (AS4240) Orchestre VÉVÉ Baluti 1 & 2 (Nguedi Aladji) Kenyan pressing 1977
VÉVÉ 228N (AS4236) Orchestre Lipua Lipua Temperature 1 & 2 (Tedia Wunu Mbakidi) Kenyan pressing 1977
VÉVÉ 231 Les Kamale Masua 1 & 2 (Tshimanga Assossa) SAF50075; CD36546, 36567 1977
VÉVÉ 242 Orchestre VÉVÉ Katenga 1 & 2 (Wuta Mayi) Nairobi pressing 1976
Sonafric SAF 1914
reissued: African 91.384
Orchestre Vévé Kalala 1 & 2 (Muinkua Nvura) CD8478 1976
VÉVÉ 226(?)
reissued: African 91.472
Orch. Vévé Muana Mburu 1 & 2 On LP 360 106
VÉVÉ 226(?)
reissued: African 91.354; also SAF1913
Orchestre Vévé Vivita 1 & 2 (Kwamy Munsi) RETRO 15CD; CD8478 1976
VÉVÉ 227
reissued: African 91.473; SAF1915
Orch. Vévé Likambo Ya Kokamua 1 & 2 LP SAF50073
VÉVÉ 229 Orchestre Thu-Zaina Tika kolela 1 & 2 1976?
VÉVÉ 230 Orchestre Veve Star Nitarudia 1 & 2 CD Analog Africa 17 1976
VÉVÉ 231
Orch Les Kamale Masua 1 & 2 Sono CD36567 1977 (Kenya pressing)
VÉVÉ 233
reissued: African 91.542
Loubelo et son ensemble a: Wedi munto
b: Mpasi-zo
VÉVÉ 234
reissued: African 91.504
Orchestre Orfaz Nzakomba 1 & 2 (Ykoli Mokambo) 1977
VÉVÉ 235
reissued: African 91.497
Orchestre Vévé a: Katenga 1 & 2 (Wuta-Mayi) 1976
VÉVÉ 236 Orchestre Stukas Mombombo Sosodoma 1 & 2 (Lita Bembo) 1977
VÉVÉ 237
reissued: African 91.500
Orchestre Vévé Nakosambela kaka 1 & 2 (Matalanza) SAF 50080 1977
VÉVÉ 238
reissue: African 91.502
Orch Zaiko Langa Langa Youyou 1 & 2 (Bimi) 1977 (Nairobi issue)
VÉVÉ 239
reissue: African 91.501
Orch Yoka Lokole Nounou 1 & 2 ca. 1977
VÉVÉ 239 (also)
Orch Kiam Mbale 1 & 2 (Mfui Mane) Kenyan issue ca. 1977
VÉVÉ 240
Re: African 91.547
Orch VÉVÉ Bilobela 1 & 2 also listed as "Likambo ya kokamua" by Matuti and orch VÉVÉ (Kenyan pressing) 1978
VÉVÉ 241 Les Kamale Masudi 1 & 2 (Nyboma) 1977
VÉVÉ 243
re: African 91.536
Orchestre Les Kamale Zaina Mama 1 & 2 (Nyboma) 360 019 1977
VÉVÉ 244
African 91.537
Sakumuna SN006
Orch Kamale Olela 1 & 2 (Nsongo die Valusie) ca. 1977
VÉVÉ 245
African 91.538; Sakumuna SN-004N (Kenya)
Orch VÉVÉ Bilobela ou faux bruit 1 & 2 (Kiamuangana Mateta) ca. 1977
VÉVÉ 245N (Kenya) Orch Kamale Andoya 1 & 2 (Nyboma) ca. 1977
VÉVÉ 246
Soneca 2012 F 85 cc77; African 91.523
Orch Yoka Lokole Testament 1 & 2 (Mavuela Somo) SAF 50081 1977
VÉVÉ 247
reissue: African 91.539
Orch Kiam Bomoto 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga) [soukous] SAF 50081 1977
VÉVÉ 248; also Sakumuna SN008
reissue: African 91.540
Orch Kiam Ifantu 1 & 2 (Bakolo Keita) [soukous] SAF 50081 1977
Sonafric 1950
reissue: African 91.505
Orch Zaiko Langa Langa Sikenebe 1 & 2 1977
VÉVÉ 248(?)
re: African 91.540
Orchestre Kiam Maketa 1 & 2 (Shungu Pania) on LP SAF50081 1977
VÉVÉ 249
reissue: African 91.553?
Orch Veve Nakoma Juste 1 & 2 (Mwinkua Nvura) 360.106; CD 8478 1977
VÉVÉ 250
reissue: African 91.572
Orch Kossa Kossa Lengema 1 & 2 1977
Orchestre Vévé a: Autocritique
VÉVÉ 251
reissued: African 91.358
Orchestre Vévé Mangala 1 & 2 VVLP1002 1976
VÉVÉ 252N Orchestre Lokoka Lalolina 1 & 2 Nairobi pressing 1976
VÉVÉ 254
Orchestre Les Kamale Ndonga 1 & 2 (Luwungi) Nairobi pressing 1978?
VÉVÉ 259
re: African 91.585
Orchestre VÉVÉ Nakomi Paradise 1 & 2 CD Analog Africa 17 1978
VÉVÉ 261 Orchestre VÉVÉ Taty 1 & 2 (Vercky's) 1983 (Polygram distr.) i.e. Kenya pressing
VÉVÉ 266 Orchestre Lipua Lipua Blanche 1 & 2 (Lusuama) 1985 (Polygram distr.)
VÉVÉ 267 Langa Langa Stars Angela 1 & 2 (--)
VÉVÉ 268 Orchestre Lipua Lipua Libala distingué 1 & 2 (Prof. Vata Mombassa) VVLP1021 Polygram Nairobi 1988
VÉVÉ 271
re: African 91.099
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Matoba 1 & 2 (Nzaya Nzayadio) 1975
VÉVÉ 272
Soneca 178 761 95cc78 Sophinza
Orchestre Vévé Nalingaka ko brusquer te 1 & 2 (Mankuamu Silis) VVLP1002
VÉVÉ 286
Orch. Empire Bakuba Kiwaka 1 & 2 (Kabasele Yampanya)
VÉVÉ 299
Mazadis 127/cc/81
Orch. Zaiko Langa-Langa Kinshasa Makambo 1 & 2 (Bimi Ombale)
VÉVÉ 301
Orch. Langa-Langa Stars Avenir mbeya mbeya 1 & 2 (Evoloko Jocker)
VÉVÉ 303
Mazadis 160/cc/81
Orch. Langa-Langa Stars La mignonne 1 & 2 (Bozi Boziana)
VÉVÉ 311
Orch. Langa-Langa Stars Bakutu bis 1 & 2 (Bolenge Djo Maly) reissue: FDB 300097
VÉVÉ 312
Orch. Langa-Langa Stars Solanga 1 & 2 (Djona Djonana) (Mazadis 160/cc/81)
VÉVÉ 322
Orch. Empire Bakuba Zabolo 1 & 2 (Kabasele Yampanya) reissue: NG052
VÉVÉ 327
Orch. Vévé Chérie Mafuta (Makamba Dali) 1981
VÉVÉ 341
Orch. Empire Bakuba Dianzenza 1 & 2 (Ndona Malo) reissue: NG052
reissued: African 91.229; Sonafric SAF1800
Orchestre Vévé Star Bassala Hot 1 & 2 (Verckys) on LP: SAF50040; CD Analog Africa 17
VÉVÉ 335
Mazadis 65/cc/82
Orch. Langa-Langa Stars Autopsie Beloti 1 & 2 (Kisangani)
VÉVÉ 337
Mazadis 065/cc/82
Orch. Langa-Langa Stars Parfum na ngai 1 & 2 (Djuna Djanana)
VÉVÉ 338
Mazadis 065/cc/82
Orch. Langa-Langa Stars Gloria mangassa 1 & 2 (Dindo Yogo)
VÉVÉ 365
Orch. Victoria Eleison Ngambelo 1 & 2 (Emeneya Kwa Mambu) 1982
VÉVÉ 372
Orch Empire Bakuba Kanda ya Nini 1 & 2 (Matolu Dode) 1983
VÉVÉ 387
Vonga Aye et son ensemble Ndota 1 & 2 (Vonga Aye) 1983
VÉVÉ 396
Orch Afro International Basenga 1 & 2 (Shiko Mawatu) 1983
VÉVÉ 408
Mazadis 147/cc/83
Orch. Langa-Langa Stars Moyeke Musungayi 1 & 2 (Evolocko Atshuamo Jocker)
Danse Mbiri-mbiri Tengema
VÉVÉ 413
Orch. Victoria Eleison Abissina na ngai 1 & 2 (Tofolu Tofla) 1983
VÉVÉ 447
Orch. Empire Bakuba Madi Madimba 1 & 2 (Matolu Dode) 1983 Mazadis 18-cc-83; 078-DL-84
VÉVÉ 488
Orch. Victoria Eleison Pres de toi 1 & 2 (Makolo Makolin) 1984
VÉVÉ 492
Viva la Musica Okito Mama
VÉVÉ 497
Orch. Victoria Ata Mpiaka (Manzangi Safro) 1985 Soneca cc 25-85
VÉVÉ 499
Orch. Victoria Eleison Willo Mondo bis 1 & 2 (Emeneya Kester) 1985
VÉVÉ 505
Orch. Victoria Eleison Soiree dansante 1 & 2 (Bongo Wende)
VV1000 Orchestre Vévé Dina 1 & 2
PZA-63 Pathé Verckys & son ensemble a: Mosika Zonga
VEVE - SONECA TS19 3489F - cc063/79 Mazadis Zaiko Langa-Langa Cheri n'zembo 1 & 2 (Nyoka Longo) 1979
VEVE - SONECA TS39 3697F - cc079/79 Mazadis Orch Lipua Lipua Seto King 1 & 2 (Luasana Aspro) 1979
VEVE - SONECA TS.09 42 cc.70 Mazadis Orch Viva la Musica Elu Sharufa 1 & 2 (Shungu Wembadio) 1979?


Orch Kiam Bomoto 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga)
LP Grands Succès Vol 8 1974?
Orch Veve Nakoma juste 1 & 2 (Mwinkua)
orch Lipua Lipua Ndukidi 1 & 2 (Nzaya Nzayadio) LP Grands Succès Vol 7; CD 36567 1974?
Orch Les Kamale Andoya 1 & 2 (Nyboma Muan'dido)
LPs: Grands Succès Vol 9; Sono 360.019 1974?
Zaiko Langa Langa a: Errare Humanum est (Nioka Longa)
b: Michael (Evoloko Anto)
Orch Les Kamale Olela 1 & 2 (Nsongo die Valusie)
Orch Veve Mama na Fuki 1 & 2 (Fukiau)
reissued: African 91.541
Orchestre Kiam Ifantu 1 & 2 (Bakolo Keita) 1977
Orch Kamavasty Kiki Puelengi (Nsimba Zoka)
reissued: African 90.751
Orch Lipua Lipua Mualuke 1 & 2 1974?
reissued: African 90.761
Orchestre Vévé a: Kiki
b: Nazua muana wapi
reissued: African 90.762
Orchestre Lipua Lipua a: Olito
b: Cité sauvage
reissued: African 90.978
Orch Kiam a: Yanga Yanga (Bumueniko) [Cavacha]
b: Kobondela (Denewade) [Cavacha]
SAKUMUNA 13; Veve 7-224 (Kenya?)
reissued: African 90.979
Orch Kiam Masumu 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga) LP 360 091 1975
re: African 91.030
Orch Lipua Lipua Se-kizenge 1 & 2 (Nzaya Nzandio) Note, "Nala 1 & 2" is also listed as Sakumuna 14
reissued: African 91.063
Orch Kiam Memi 1 & 2 (Kanza Bayone) 1975
reissued: African 91.096
Orchestre Vévé Lukani 1 & 2 (Tusevo) on LP 360 091; and 4 Top Congo Stars Decca CDLP1, 1976 1975
but also SAKUMUNA SN016 Orchestre Vévé a: Okendeke Malamu (Fukiau Pepito) 1975?
reissued: African 91.097
Orchestre Vévé Zonga Andowe 1 & 2 (Matuti) LP 360 091 1975
reissued: African 91.098; Eds Elengi ELG27
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Lemba Lemba 1 & 2 (Mbubi Malanda) 1975
reissued: African 91.099
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Matoba 1 & 2 (Nzayadio) On L'Afrique Danse avec Sakumuna (Sono360 091) and VVLP1002
reissued: African 91.246
Orchestre Les Kamale Ahidjo 1 & 2 (Mulembu)
SAKUMUNA 24 - k22
reissued: African 91.227
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Nsayi 1 & 2 1976
reissued: African 91.228
Orch Kiam Kamiki 1 & 2 (Muzola Ngunga) [cavacha] on LP 360 101; VVLP 1002; also on SAF50040 as "Bamo kangi" 1976
SAKUMUNA 26 Orchestre Kiam Moni Afinda 1 & 2 (Bamueniko) [cavacha] 1976
reissued: African 91.310
Orchestre Kiam Makonda 1 & 2 (Nkodia-vi-Nkodia) [cavacha] 1976
Sakumuna SN28
reissued: African 91.311
Orchestre Vévé a: Mikolo mileki mingi 1 & 2 (Fukiau) On LP360 101, 106 & CD8478;
as well as RETRO 15CD
SAKUMUNA 32 - 3130
reissued: African 91.339
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Kinzenge nzenge 1 & 2 1976
reissued: African 91.350
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Temperature 1 & 2 1976
reissued: African 91.495
Orchestre Kiam Mbale 1 & 2 (M'Fui Muane) SAF 50073 & SAF 50081
reissued: African 91.351
Orchestre Kiam a: Yule (Munkala Bebidad)
b: Niamaraley (Munkala Bebidad)
reissued: African 91.352
Orchestre Stukas Mombombo Ivaliya 1 & 2 1977
reissued: African 91.353
Orchestre Stukas Mombombo Kalisa 1 & 2 1977
SAKUMUNA 43 - 176045
reissued: African 91.494
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Distingue 1 & 2 1977
SAKUMUNA 44 - 176047
reissued: African 91.359
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Zela mobali yo po otuna 1 & 2 1977
reissued: African 91.506
Orchestre Kamale Masudi 1 & 2 (Nyboma) Sono 360 101 1977
reissued: African 91.507
Orchestre Kamale Assana muana mawa 1 & 2 (Bompongo Assana) Sono 360 101; Sono CD36567 1977
reissued: African 91.508
Orchestre Kamavasty Kiki Puelenge 1 & 2 (Nsimba Zoka) Sono 360 101 1977
SAKUMUNA 55 - 2006F Orchestre Lipua Lipua Ndukidi 1 & 2 (Nzaya Nzayadio) SAF 50080; CD36567 1977
reissued: African 91.523
Orchestre Lipua Lipua Okomi Boye 1 & 2 (Kilola Toko Diangani) SAF 50080; CD36567 1978
SAKUMUNA 58 Orchestre Lipua Lipua Naleli libala 1 & 2 (Mbuta Benazo) SAF 50080 1978
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