Leon "Bholen" Bombolo [far left] and singer Hubert "Djeskin" Dihunga recruited sax player André Menga from African Jazz. From Orchestre Bantou came Belgian rhythm guitarist Jean Dinos. Other members were singers Gaspard "Gaspy" Luwowo, bassist Alphonse 'Le Brun" Epayo, and drummer Samy Kiadaka. Bavon and Bholen were the principal songwriters and guitarists. Bholen was as ugly as Bavon was handsome, so they made a striking pair on stage in their smart suits. The band was hugely popular, especially among the youth of Kinshasa. In 1968 the newspaper Etoile du Congo credited them with inventing the soucous. (But note the soukous tracks recorded at the same time by Negro Band in Paris.)

A decade younger than the members of OK Jazz, Negro Succès spearheaded a youth movement that threatened to unseat the supreme OK Jazz with street-slang lyrics and a hip fashion sense adapted equally from Bollywood and Wild West movies featuring Wild Bill Hickock and Buffalo Bill Cody. Decades ahead of Michael Jackson, this "Hindu-Bill" youth also started bleaching their skin in defiance of the Authenticité movement being prompted by the Mobutu regime. Equally outrageous were the Trio Madjesi, who had a string of hits and an afternoon TV show, designed to keep the kids off the streets after school!

Negro Succès was not related to either Negro Band or Mando Negro Kwala Kwa. Ronnie Graham, in THE WORLD OF AFRICAN MUSIC VOLUME 2, mentions groups called Conga Negro, Negro Fiesta, and OD Negro. To confuse things further there were groups called Vox Negros and Vox Africa, and in West Africa a group with the grandiose title Super Negro Bantous!

But tragedy struck on 5 August 1970 when Bavon was killed in a car wreck. Rumours flew that Franco had traded his younger brother's soul to the devil for his supernatural talent on the guitar. Tshimanga Assossa (who went on to found Maquis Original in Tanzania) and young Nyboma also sang with the group until Bavon's death. Dercy Manduiangu was brought in to replace Bavon on guitar but a year later the band folded. There's a gentle dreaminess to their sound, wonderful honking sax solos and guitar occasionally reminiscent of Docteur Nico. But Bavon could also play like his brother Franco, and despite the seeming rivalry with OK Jazz it is possible Franco and Bavon made guest appearances on each other's session. On one of their biggest hits, "Libanga na Libumu," which means "a stone in the stomach," Negro Succès cop some serious James Brown style.

Sonodisc devoted two LPs and two CDs to Orchestre Negro Succès. Then there are scattered tracks on various Sono compilations and the Ngoyarto CD which has some overlap with the Sono material. Currently the only thing in print is probably the EAST OF AFRICA compilation on DAKAR SOUND, which also contains tracks from African Jazz, African Fiesta and African Team. WARNING: the two discs Legende des deux Frères W.A.M.1 & 2 that feature Franco and Bavon have made-up song titles that are in fact just songs lifted off other CDs.

José Nzolani and Serge Diantantu tell one version of the story of the origins of Negro Succès:

"Contrary to popular belief it was not Victor ("Vicky") Longomba who was behind the creation of Orchestre Negro Succès in 1961 but in fact it was four friends, Kiyunga "Djeskain", Armando Brazzos (from OK Jazz), Johnny Pinnock & Léon Bombolo aka "Bholen" who were the founders. They needed a headliner so they asked Vicky Longomba who had just come back from the Table Ronde conference in Belgium with Joseph Kabasele. Vicky did not see eye to eye with Kabasele and so agreed to join the new band at a Kinshasa bar known as Quist. Their debut was marked by mud-slinging with rivals OK Jazz. Bholen and Franco nearly came to blows. But the new band needed material, so they approached the head of "Ecodis maison bleu" who was associated with the Belgian branch of the Decca label, but then Vicky returned to OK Jazz and the new material was withdrawn. Bholen thought about going back to work in an office, then at the last moment agreed to go on a European tour with Orchestre City Five."

"Bavon Siongo known as Bavon Marie Marie was born 27 May 1944. His elder brother, Franco, wanted him to study and become a doctor. But Bavon wanted to be a musician and worked for a while with José Kayenge in Les Noirs. One day Franco showed up at the home of Kayenge and smashed three guitars. Bavon moved to Boma to avoid the rage of his brother, where in 1963 he met Dino Vangu, still in school, but gigging at the Tati-bar with Orchestre Coeur de Lion. Dino then accompanied Bavon on solo guitar at the Sida-bar. There they met Michelino who also lived in the Kitomesa district of Matadi. (Later Michelino would join Nico in African Fiesta Sukisa.) In Boma Bavon was replaced on solo guitar by Ozo, while Dino Vangu remained on accompaniment. Among the singers was a certain Windi.

"Early in 1966 with the split of African Fiesta, Rochereau wanted Bavon to replace Nico in his formation with Roger. However despite their friendship Rochereau thought better of hiring Franco's brother and discovered Claude Gustave Vangu aka "Guvano" from the Orchestre Diamant Bleu instead."

"Gigging briefly with Orchestre Jamel, based in Dendal, the still-unknown Bavon was recruited into Orchestre Cobantou of Dewayon as second lead guitarist (alongside Papa Noel), but he had limited exposure and so quit to return to his brother. Franco approached Bholen and told him he would give him instruments and material on condition he took his brother along. Bholen gladly agreed and the two formed a partnership with a musical style that bridged both camps of African Fiesta and OK Jazz."

"Bavon died tragically, alongside Marie-Josée, in a car crash on 5 August 1970. He was replaced by Dercy Mandiangu, and the band had further successes like "Nelly ya Moro" until they broke up in 1973. Bholen died in December 2007."


Peter Toll argues that Vicky Longomba did have a hand in the creation of the band, as he was the proprietor of Quist. The translation of the French text is "Vicky Longomba quits African Jazz to manage the dancing-bar Quist on Itaga which he rents." But, he adds, a discussion of who founded Negro Succès is futile. "According to the article in Le Potential (the source for Nzolani's story), the musicians went to see Vicky because they wanted to start a new band. After they had a talk, Negro Succès was created. To me it means that at least Vicky was one of the founders. Also, I believe, if it wasn't for Vicky, Negro Succès would not have come into existence in 1961. And when Vicky went back to OK Jazz in 1962, it basically signaled the end of Negro Succès. It was only thanks to Franco that Bholen could revive the band in 1964. But more about that later. Nzolani's article jumps about, so, let me try to put some events in historical order:

1932: Vicky Longomba is born.
1936: Bholen Bombolo is born. (Both were older than Franco - to me, Negro Succès was of the same generation as OK Jazz)

1956: Vicky and Franco start OK Jazz. That same year Bholen joins Vedette Jazz.

1959: Bholen joins OK Jazz. He replaces Franco who spends a few months in prison, which left Vicky in charge of the band.

1960: Problems arise between Franco and Vicky who is kicked out of OK Jazz. Together with Brazzos, Vicky joins African Jazz for the trip to Brussels. Franco recruites as new singers Kwamy and Djeskain Dihunga. After the return of African Jazz from Europe, Brazzos rejoins OK Jazz. Vicky stays with African Jazz. However, he cannot get along with Grand Kalle and leaves. He becomes club owner at Quist, Bowane's old bar on Avenue de l'Itaga.

1961: Brazzos, Bholen and Djeskain want to start a new band with Pinock (singer with Rock'a Mambo). They talk with Vicky and soon they start performing as Negro Succès at Quist. Bholen is designated chef d'orchestre, the other band members are: Djeskain, Gaspy and Pinock (vcls), André Menga (sax), Alphonso Epayo (bass) and Samy Kiadaka (tumba). However, Brazzos doesn't stay long and goes back to OK Jazz. He is replaced by Jean Dinos from Orch. Bantou. That same year, Bavon starts his first band with a few friends under the name Les Cousins Bleus.

1962: Problems between Bholen and Vicky who returns to OK Jazz. Stuck without equipment or a venue to play, Negro Succès starts sinking. Also in 1962, Bavon joins Orch. Cubana Jazz with his friends, Empompo Loway and Amba Zozo.

1963: Family problems between Franco and Bavon who runs off to Boma where he plays with Coeur du Lion. When Franco's family finally accepts Bavon's choice for a career in music, he returns to Kinshasa where he joins Orch. Jamel. Meanwhile, Bholen joins Orch. City Five and leaves for Belgium.

1964: Bavon joins Orch. Cobantou but not for long, he leaves dissatisfied. Bholen returns from Europe and approaches Franco for equipment to resurrect Negro Succès. Franco agrees to help on the condition that Bavon will be part of the new formation. On Dec. 15, 1964, Negro Succès with Bavon and Bholen on board play their first gig at the Vis-à-Vis club in Matonge. Other members are: Djeskain, Gaspy, Flujos and Jojo (vcls), Alphonse Epayo (bass), Mogo (rhythm gtr), Fredos (tumba), Maproco and Bosmin (sax).

1965: Problems between Bholen and Djeskain who leaves with some members to form a new band, Super Negro. Three new singers to join Negro Succès are Amba Zozo, Bijou and Rocky.

1966: Record contract with Editions Tcheza which provides the band with their own equipment. Empompo Loway joins.

1967: Muana 15 Ans becomes Negro Succès' first big hit, followed by Lucie and Malou. The band signs a record deal with Editions Boboto and travels to Belgium for recording. Moro Maurice joins.

1969: A number of Negro Succès including Bavon and Empompo Loway went on tour to Kenya. Several musicians, among them Dieudos Makwanzi and Kalembi Kajos, decided to stay and they started a band called Les Noirs. As for Loway, after returning to Congo, he joined Tabu Ley."

--Thanks Peter!


1 Batela Moana
2 Sala lokola mobali
3 Succes ya ba Ndombe
4 Embembe ya mbua
5 Hélé
6 Honisa tika ndoki
7 Laissez Gina
8 Gaspy l'amoule
9 Correa Suzanne
10 Ba famille bakoti

All songs composed by Bavon. Liner notes (translated): These recordings are the swan song of Bavon Marie-Marie because he died tragically in Kinshasa in the night of 5-6 August 1970.
He perished in the flower of his youth and before achieving all that his great talent promised.
Bavon Marie-Marie, his real name was Siongo Bavon, first saw the light of day on 27 March 1944. From his youth he was attracted to music. It is true he grew up in the shadow of a great Congolese musician, his brother Franco.
He was barely 14 when he began to play guitar with Tsibangu, in a little-known band. His parents wanted him to pursue other goals and wished him to continue his studies, but the demon of music was stronger.
A year later he formed the group "Les Cousins Bleus" (The Blue or Blues Cousins) and left for Boma without telling his family who were concerned over his disappearance. But news travels fast in Africa and he came home on the insistence of his parents.
In 1964 he joined Negro Succès after performing with the Cobantou and Jamel bands. Among his hits were Lucie Tozongana, Libanga na Libumu, Nazali Maçon, Mokolo se mokolo and Palado Palado which only confirmed his fame.
A Brilliant future opened before him, anything was possible, but the fates decided otherwise and cut the thread of his existence in his 26th year.
All his friends, and there were many, will hold his memory dear for a long time.

avec Orchestre Negro Succès (Ngoma)
Famille Bisala
Daring Faucon
Akufa Lobi
Mama na ye Libinza
Limbisa Elise
Mibali ya echantillon
Mi-Jose wa bolingo
Mwasi ya voyage
Le caravane passe
Zongo Veronique

(Thanks to Geoff Bale who points out these were also released as singles on the Ngoma label NF3 511 to NF3 516)

Orchestre Negro-Succes Vol 1 & 2
(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 150-15976/7 (P)1977)
A1 Bea Nakokufa (Rubens)
A2 Diaka-Malou (Assossa)
A3 M.T. Na Boyi Mbamba (Didi Kalombo)
A4 Lofombo Felix (Didi Kalombo)
A5 Kimobange Wenzete (Assossa) Also released as a single
B1 Kanisa L'Avenir (B. B. Sobou) Also released as a single, with above
B2 Na ye bisi La Verite (Rocky)
B3 Bawanze (Gaspy)
B4 Basi Lufundu (David)
C1 Lina (Kudumani Samuel)
C2 Emilie (Dercy)
C3 Libala Ya Magie (Willy Cleme)
C4 Tete (Benjamin)
D1 Na Bangi Na Voyage (Macro)
D2 Yo Nde Boye (B B Sobou)
D3 Cherie Zozo (Steve)
D4 Ba Juge Boyoka (Assosa)

ORCH NEGRO SUCCES (Editions Namaco ENLPS 38)
Nigeria 1977

A1 Nazangi Heritier (Bholen)
A2 Nabebisi Falanga (Bholen)
B1 Munga Josephine (Mambetta)
B2 Fernande (Bholen)
B3 Zuwa Eloko Nini (Bholen)

Distributed By Don't Stop Music Ltd.

(A collection of hits from 1969/1970 on Reveillon)

Vicky et l'Orchestre Negro Succès / Essous et l'Orchestre Bantou (ESDF1407)
A1: Bolingo ekomi se na mbongo (Vicky) Rumba Lingala
A2: J'ai trompe mon amour (Vicky) Boléro
B1: Na zonga na motema (Essous) Rumba Lingala
B2: Padrona de la musica (Essous) Cha cha espagnol

image courtesy of seaneverdry
Columbia ESDF 1401 (with Rock-a-Mambo)

A1: Brigitte by Rock-a-Mambo
A2: Bakoule by Rock-a-Mambo
B1: Kumaye by Negro Band
B2: Senhorita by Negro Band

All four collected on African Retro vol 6 and Evergreen Sound of Africa (Imperial Sound ISLP1201, Nigeria)

TRESORS CACHES (Souk volume 1 ps 001)

SIDE 1 :
Molou kobanga te
Kobota elengi kobokola pasi
Chouchou est ce que okozonga
SIDE 2 :
Lucie pauni ya talo
Bana 15 ans
Naleli Coco

a): Buena festa
b): Na kotela yo so pampa

ORCHESTRE NEGRO-SUCCES (EMI Pathe 006 15146) 1971
a): Kimobange wenze te (Assossa)
b): Kanisa l'avenir (B. B. Sabou)

Side A: Linga ngai Annie (Rumba Lingala)
Side B: Athe wapi vérité (Rumba Lingala)

Band formed by Djeskain after split with Bholen

Side A: Club Sainte Therese
Side B: Kaleso Lelo na

SUPER NEGRO (Philips 7")
Marinella na komi zoo zoo
Emilie mamitsho

NEGRO NATIONAL (Pathé 2C006-15 180 7")
Emilie ya Sango
Mobali premier
Masepelisa ba weyi

According to Gary Stewart (Rumba on the River, p. 62) After the death of Bavon Marie Marie the group reformed with Paul "Dercy" Mandiangu on guitar, but less than a year later they deserted Bholen to form Négro National.


MERVEILLES DU PASSE (SONODISC 360.013; Originally TCHEZA 2.001 1970; compositeur: Bholen)
Magie [Ngoyarto CD023]
Bila Francois
Nakota Zebola [Sonodisc CD36583]
Ngai mwana 15 ans [Gefraco CD009]
Bholen mwana ya Mama Helene [Sonodisc CD36583; Esselta 2051]
Mabe ya mbila [Sonodisc CD36575]
Maboke temoin
Moyeke ya cherie
Savon ya sika astra [Sonodisc CD36575]

L'INTREPIDE BAVON MARIE MARIE (SONODISC 360.023 1970; compositeur: Bavon Marie-Marie)
Maseke ya meme [Esselta 2044]
Bilamba! Mbongo ya mani?
Yalimbisa bijou [Ngoyarto CD023]
Libanga na libumu part 1 [Ngoyarto CD023; Esselta 2044]
Libanga na libumu part 2 [Ngoyarto CD023; Esselta 2044]
Nadendela mibali [Sonodisc CD36575; Esselta 2051]
Nakata serment ya bolingo [Sonodisc CD36575; Esselta 2051]

Phonogram (Kenya) issue of L'Intrepide Bavon Marie Marie [left]

Bholen, Bavon Marie Marie, Zozo & Orch. Negro Succes: ONE HELL OF A SELECTION (Associated Sounds Nairobi: ASLP402 1984)

A1 Bila Francois
A2 Sango ya Malonga
A3 Maika
A4 Okokufa na Date ya Pasi
B1 Pauni ya Talo
B2 Marie Marie
B3 Munga Francisca
B4 Lea Moke
(also ASLP 430 Chanson Recherche, 1988)


MABE YA MBILA (Sonodisc CD36575 1997)
Etabe ya mofude (Mujos) eds. Tcheza
Bolelaka ngai mingi (Bholen) eds. Tcheza
Titi mwasi ya libala (Zozo) eds. Tcheza
Okokufa na date ya pasi (Zozo) eds. Tcheza
Albertine mwana ya deke (Gaspy) eds. Tcheza
Mabe ya mbila (Bholen) eds. Tcheza
Savon astral (Bholen) eds. Tcheza
Nazangi Héritier (Bholen) eds. Réveillon
Ruel changement (Bholen) eds. Réveillon
Nadendela mibali (Bavon) eds. Réveillon
Nakata serment uya bolingo (Bavon) eds. Réveillon
Mi-josé wa bolingo (Morro Maurice) eds. Réveillon

Nakota zebola (Bholen)
Lucie tozongana (Bavon Marie-Marie)
Phani (Bavon Marie-Marie)
Mobio margo (Alphonso)
Kusala cherie (Gaspy)
Détaillant (Mujos)
Naleli coco (Mujos)
Bholen mwana ya mama Helena (Bholen)
Nakobala nani (Bholen)
Mille zaires pour Lucie (Bavon Marie-Marie)
Elise mangezi (Gaspy)
Kusala Gaspy (Gaspy)
Libala ya ngai na Zozo (Zozo)
Nelly na place na ngai (Maurice Morro)

(Ngoyarto 023 / Edition Alamoule)
Ya limbisa bijoux (Bavon)
Libanga na libumu part 1 (Bavon)
Libanga na libumu part 2 (Bavon)
Mobali atulaka te (Leon Bohlen)
Mahele (Bavon)
Magie (Leon Bohlen)
Kobota Elengi (Leon Bohlen)
Munga Jospehine (Zozo)

Maseke ya meme (Bavon Marie-Marie) Ed. Reveillon 12; re: 360.023 1970; also Fiesta 51.039; CD36537
Beatrice (Bavon Marie-Marie)
Libanga na libumu (Bavon Marie-Marie) LP: African 360.023; CD Ngoyarto 023
Kusala ma hele
Papi mobali na ngai
Etabe ya mofude (Flujos) Ed. Tcheza 211; CD36575
Na kanga motema
Denise (Bholen) Boboto 17 re: African 90.215 1968 (could be different track)

Mille zaire pour Lucie
Muana 15 ans
Mobembo bolowa
Lucie Tozongana
Elongi television
Motema Sanduku
Nakata serment ya bolingo
Nadendela mibali

Editions Kaluila
Muana 15 Ans
Balelaka ngai mingi

N.B. This Kinois CD has only two non-duplications from other CDs: "Nabio" & "Fifi"; the others have been given abbreviated titles, i.e. "Fanny" is the same as "Fany" on the preceding, "Lucy" is "Lucie Tozongana," "Etabe" is "Etabe ya mofude," &c



cat no




188a Obatelaka mwana ya batu (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro succes summer 1960
188b Koleka te na zongi mama (Bolero Lingala) Vicky et Negro succes
189a Soyez Reconnaisant (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro succes
189b Osengaki ngai situation (Cha cha Lingala) Vicky et Negro succes
190a Suzy tika bipale (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro succes
190b Yo moko obebisi mama (Bolero Lingala) Vicky et Negro succes
191a Lahora senhora (Cha cha Espagnol) Brazzos et Negro succes
191b tika na kufa na mabanzo (Rumba Lingala) Brazzos et Negro succes
194a Ngai leki na yo (Rumba Lingala) Leon et Negro succes
194b Yo soy amoroso (Cha cha Espagnol) Leon et Negro succes
195a Negro a se distingue (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro succes
195b Bapekisa ngai koswana (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro succes
196a Mbanda sala mitelengano (Rumba Lingala) Djeskin et Negro succes
196b Rosa ata mokanda (Bolero Lingala) Djeskin et Negro succes
528a Louise Bosalani (Rumba Lingala) Baguin, Nezy et orchestre Negro Succès ca. Jan 1962
528b Kumaye (Cha cha Espagnol) Nezy Michaux Demon (Matrix CM 10001-1) Baguin, Nezy et orchestre Negro Succès
62.3a Les bohemiens (Cha cha Espagnol) Max, Demon et orch. Negro Succès
62.3b Veni (Rumba Lingala) Max, Demon et orch. Negro Succès
62.4a Ya no regresa (Cha cha Espagnol) Bolhem et Negro Succès
62.4b Wa ngai Brigitte moke (Rumba Lingala) Bolhem et Negro Succès
62.5a Ata miso ya pamba Vicky et Negro Succès
62.5b Kanda ekokosaka Vicky et Negro Succès
62.6a Nasili nazui liberte nyonso (Rumba Lingala) Leon et Negro Succès ca. June 1962
62.6b El pena del corporel (Cha cha Espagnol) Leon et Negro Succès
62.7a Cherie Ondangue (Rumba Lingala) Djeskin et Negro Succès
62.7b Koboya ngai te mama (Rumba Lingala) Djeskin et Negro Succès
62.9a Mopezo esukisi ngai (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro Succès
62.9b Moto yonso akobungaka (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro Succès
62.10a Buena noche mi berza (Cha cha Espagnol) Bolhem, Djeskin et Negro Succès
62.10b Nasondola mwana tina nini (Rumba Lingala) Bolhem, Djeskin et Negro Succès
62.11a Que muchenumbre (Cha cha Espagnol) Vicky et Negro Succès
62.11b Mbanda zongisa ya awa (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro Succès
62.12a Tata zongisa ngai na kondi (Bolero Lingala) Vicky et Negro Succès ca. Aug 1962
62.12b Nalingi etumba nalembi kofinga (Rumba Lingala) Vicky et Negro Succès
62.13a Tika nakonda (Rumba Lingala) Epayo, Djeskin et Negro Succès
62.13b Nakipati (Rumba Lingala) Epayo, Djeskin et Negro Succès
62.14a Ebale mbongue DeWayon et Negro Succès
62.14b Moto na moto ya position DeWayon et Negro Succès
62.16a Los amor Mary Clary (Merengue Espagnol) Nezy et Negro Succès
62.16b Naboyi kofinga (Rumba Lingala) Nezy et Negro Succès
62.17a Elo cha cha cha (Cha cha Espagnol) Elo et Negro Succès
62.17b Bolingo pasi Caroline (Rumba Lingala) Elo et Negro Succès

Ngoma Singles of Negro Succès


Catalog #



Simplis Marie-José b/w Odette DNJ5309
Nasala la vie b/w Nafuta avocat DJN (sic) 5188
Nazali Maçon kasi ndako te b/w Bandeko basi bokeba DNJ5189
Sanza ya magie b/w Mon ami n'a jamais volé DNJ5192
Marie Helène b/w Bijoux by Bavon M-M avec l'orch. Negro National DNJ5220
Mosala ya pamba b/w Imongo zongela ngai DNJ5310
Mama na ye Libinza b/w Le Caravane passe (Bholen) NF 3511 Toute l'Afrique danse vol 9
Famille Bisala b/w Mwasi ya Voyage NF3 512 Toute l'Afrique danse vol 9
Akufa lobi b/w Daring Faucon NF3 513 Toute l'Afrique danse vol 9
Mokumba ya makambo b/w Zongo Veronique NF3 514 B on Toute l'Afrique danse vol 9
Limbisa Elise b/w Mibali ya Echantillon NF3 515 Toute l'Afrique danse vol 9
Mi-Jose wa bolingo (Moro Maurice) b/w Gina mwana quartier NF3 516 A on Toute l'Afrique danse vol 9 A on CD36575

Boboto Singles of Negro Succès



catalog number

on LP or CD

Mokili ebeta ngai Fimbo Bholen Ed. Boboto CD36537
Toluke mwana ya kape Zozo Ed. Boboto 1969 CD36540
Catho Moke Dicky Ed. Boboto 1969 CD36540
Talsiman Bholen Ed. Boboto 1969 CD36540
Liteya ya ntongo Bholen Ed. Boboto 1968 CD 36510
Anto na Gina
b/w Dede Nanyata Mposo Ya Etabe
Ed. Boboto 2; re: African 90.330 1969
Ozui ngai na Motif ? b/w Groupe Lingenda Bholen Boboto s 6
b/w Donna Donna
Boboto 17 re: African 90.215 1968
Malou kobanga te
b/w Josephine akei motako
Boboto 21 1968
Esta cum pachanga (charanga)
b/w Pacha pachanga
Ed. Boboto 31
Doudou Oyo Napona b/w Esta Cum Pacha Alphonso / Bholen Boboto 31 (reissue?)
b/w Lenda ve ya inki
Boboto 37/38 re: African 90.265 1968
Libala ya ngai Na Zozo
b/w Nasembelaki Nzambe Ya...
Zozo Boboto 39 re: African 90.266 1968 side A on CD36538; on W.A.M.2 as "No yoki se na sango"
Milles Zaires por Lucie b/w Décision Prise Bavon Marie-Marie Boboto 46 re: African 90.282
Bombolo wa lokole
b/w Eyenga wa mbila
Boboto 47 re: African 90.283 1968
Rocky mwana nsomi
Libala Cathy
Rocky Boboto 48; re: ASL 7-1847
Toluke Merceline
b/w Munga Francisque
Bavon Marie-Marie
Boboto 52 re: African 90.340 1969
b/w Du respect S.V.P. Madame
Boboto 57
Eyenga Yeume
b/w Chou-Chou est-ce que Chozonga?
Boboto ?? re: ASL 7-18XX

Réveillon Singles of Negro Succès



catalog number

on LP or CD

b/w Elongi na ngai ebebi
Zozo Reveillon RV3
Mobali atulaka te
b/w Ma hele
Leon Bholen Reveillon RV7; Fiesta 51.029 1970 CD NGOYARTO 023; B on Esselta ESS2044
Libangu na Libumu 1 & 2 Bavon Marie Marie Eds Reveillon 8; Fiesta 51.030 1970 Ngoyarto CD023; Esselta ESS2044; Congo 70 Rumba Rock
Nzela Ya Suzanella (Gaspy)
b/w Mimi Hélène
Eds Reveillon 9; Fiesta 51.031 1970
Munga Josephine
b/w Annie Nathalie
Didi Kalombo Eds Reveillon 11; Fiesta 51.032 1970 A on ENLPS38 & Ngoyarto CD023 (67-69)
Maseke ya meme ("Sheep's horn")
b/w Yalimbisa bijou
Bavon Marie-Marie Ed. Reveillon 12; re: 360.023 1970; also Fiesta 51.039 CD36537; Esselta ESS2044
Nabebisi falanga
b/w Zuwa eloko nini?
Bholen Ed. Reveillon 14; Fiesta 51.047 1970; ASL 7-2012 1972 Namaco ENLPS38
Nadendela mibali (Bavon)
b/w Nakata serment ya
Bavon Reveillon RV16; Soneca 13926; Fiesta 51.062 1970 360.023
CD36575; Esselta ESS2051
Lisolo ya ba leki
b/w Nene nalembi
Moro Maurice
Reveillon 18; Fiesta 51.076 Nov 1970
b/w Incroyable mais vrai
Bholen Reveillon 20; Fiesta 51.085 Nov 1970
Lokoka Hilaire
b/w Bongisa ndako
Didi Kalombo
Bavon Marie-Marie
Reveillon RV.21; Fiesta 51.081 1970
Nzela Ya Zando
b/w Ticket Ebunga
Bholen Reveillon 22; Fiesta 51.101 1971
Nene ya ba pensee
b/w Decouragement
Reveillon ?; Fiesta 51.128 1972
Nelly Ya Moro
b/w Okotika Testament
Moro Maurice Reveillon 23; Fiesta 51.102 1971; A-side on ASL 7-1052
Lokoko l'Yema
b/w Koseka ngai te
Zozo Reveillon 29

Tcheza Singles of Negro Succès



catalog number

on LP or CD

Magie Bholen Tcheza 203; 360.003; 360.013
[LP: Tcheza 2.001]
Bila François Bholen Tcheza 203; 360.003; 360.013
[LP: Tcheza 2.001]
Nakufela Kaka Bolingo b/w Imana Flujos Tcheza 204
Reguerdo [sic] Cano
b/w Doudou
Tcheza T206
Deux a Deux
b/w Eloko oyo Kobota
Tcheza T207 re: African 90.191
Nakobala nani
b/w Lea moke
? Tcheza T217; re: ASL 7-1840 CD36583
b/w Mambo Coco
Bholen Tcheza T226 re: African 90.226
Nakota Zebola Bholen Tcheza T.208; re: 360.013 [Tcheza 2.001] CD36538; also on W.A.M.1 as "Osundola Bolingo"
Ngai mwana 15 ans Bholen 360.013 [Tcheza 2.001] Gefraco CD009; Esselta ESS2051
Bholen mwana ya mama Helene Bholen 360.013 [Tcheza 2.001]; also on W.A.M.1 as "Bolingo ngai" CD36538
Mabe ya mbilia Bholen Tcheza T.222; 360.013 [Tcheza 2.001] 1967 CD 36510; CD36575
Maboke temoin Bholen 360.013 [Tcheza 2.001] 1968 CD 36510
Moyeke ya cherie Bholen 360.013 [Tcheza 2.001] CD 36510
b/w Mambo Coco
Bholen Tcheza 226 (re: African 90.226 p 1968); 360.013 [Tcheza 2.001] CD 36510
Savon ya sika astra Bholen 360.013 [Tcheza 2.001] CD36575
Etabe ya mofude Flujos Ed. Tcheza Gefraco CD009 (?); Esselta ESS2044; CD36575; CD36537
Compilations Orchestres Congolo-Zairoises
Lucie Tozongana Bavon Ed. Tcheza 209a CD36538; CD36537; Esselta ESS2051
Phani Bavon Marie-Marie Ed. Tcheza 209b CD36538
b/w Etabe ya mofude
Flujos Ed. Tcheza 211 CD36575; Esselta
b/w Tika nalela papy na ngai
Zozo Tcheza T218 re: African 90.192 1968
Kimpa Vonvon
b/w Naboyi bondoki
Tcheza T219 re: African 90.224 1968
Ikamba Simba Commune Ya Gombe
b/w Bholen Mwana Ya Mama Helene
Tcheza T216
Pauvre Julienne
b/w Ndeko Mobali
Tcheza T201
Fifi mwasi ya libala
b/w Okokufa Na Date Ya Pasi
Zozo Tcheza T213
Ye Doudou Azalaki Nani
b/w Basi Ya Mabala Botica Mobulu
Tcheza T221 re: African 90.225 1968
Bilamba! Mbongo ya mani? Bavon Marie-Marie 360.023
Ya limbisa Bijou Bavon Marie-Marie 360.023; Fiesta 1970 CD NGOYARTO 023 CD36501
Libanga na libumu 1 & 2
("A stone in the stomach")
Bavon Marie-Marie 360.023 CD NGOYARTO 023; Esselta ESS2044; Congo 70 Rumba Rock (syllart)
Nakata serment ya bolingo Bavon Marie-Marie 360.023 CD36575; Esselta ESS2051
Kobota elengi kobokolo mpasi Bholen 360.153 Merveilles du Passé 1967; Tresors Cachées CD NGOYARTO 023
Tombe Mire spa Bholen 360.153 Merveilles du Passé 1967
Nabosana soseti? Bavon Marie-Marie 360.153 Merveilles du Passé 1967
Que tenga hora Bavon Marie-Marie 360.153 Merveilles du Passé 1967
Munga Josephine Didi Kalombo A on ENLPS38 CD NGOYARTO 023 (67-69); Esselta ESS2044 (?)
Bolelaka ngai mingi Bholen CD36575; Gefraco CD009
Titi mwasi ya libala Zozo CD36575
Okokufa na date ya pasi Zozo CD36575
Nazangi heritier Bholen ENLPS38 CD36575
Ruel changement? Bholen CD36575
Mi-Jose wa bolingo Moro Maurice CD36575
Mobio margo Alphonso CD36538; also on W.A.M.2 as "Vicky nakobala yo"
Kundi Alphonso CD36538; Gefraco CD009
Kusala Cherie Gaspy CD36538; Esselta ESS2044; on W.A.M. 2 as "Mimie na Bendi Nzoto"
Défaillant Flujos CD36538; also on W.A.M.1 as "Papy"
Nakobala nani Bholen A side on ASL 7-1840 CD36538; also on W.A.M.1 as "Nasomba bolingo"
Elise Mangezi Gaspy CD36538
Kusala Gaspy Gaspy CD36538
Nelly na place na ngai Maurice Moro CD36538
Permission Bholen 360.051 Succès d'Hier 1966
Albertine Mwana ya ndeke Gaspy 360.089 African Party vol 1 (1968) CD36575
Naleli Coco Flujos 360.089 African Party vol 1 (1968); TRESORS CACHéES CD36538; BAV001CD Legende des 2 frères vol 1

Epanza Makita of Negro Succès



catalog number

on LP or CD

Mokonzi ya likolo Jojo Epanza Makita 60 (1965) (Other side is "Paraque Linda" by Brazzos & by OK Jazz)
Ma Iwasso (Djeskin) Bolingo nzo etumbu (Djeskin) Epanza Makita (1966) (Included on OK Jazz CD36533, error pointed out by Jerome Ogola and Stefan Werdekker)
Mokolo se mokolo Bavon Marie-Marie Epanza Makita 65 (1968) CD36507 (Merveilles du Passé vol 2);
360.003 L'Afrique Danse no 3
Palado Palado Bavon Marie-Marie Epanza Makita 65 (1968) CD36507 (Merveilles du Passé vol 2);
360.003 L'Afrique Danse no 3
Ya mbala sima
b/w Kadioka
Epanza Makita 66 re: African 90.129 1967
Ndendeli b/w Likambo Djeskin Epanza Makita 68 (1967)

Loningisa singles of Negro Succès

catalog number/recording date



on LP or CD

320 (08/11/61) Mbanda o echoue
b/w Namekaki se komekamama
V. Longomba
321 Cuando viento pito
b/w Yo Osambuisa ngai
322 Na ye epai ya motema
b/w Paloma cha cha cha
323 Mabanzo
b/w El Campesina
324 (08/11/61) In genge iko
b/w Bakulaka bamongo bososaouaka
V. Longomba
325 Ya no regresa
b/w Brigitta moke
326 (15/11/61) Na kotala yo se pamba
b/w Buena puesto
327 Botiaki tembe bomoni?
b/w Cha cha Vicky
V. Longomba
328 Natondi mabanzo
b/w Obali mwasi odjui ningo
329 Na kokonda mpo na yo Elise
b/w Somo differente
330 Mama opikaka pende
b/w Ages mujikaya Negro
V. Longomba
331 La Gente
b/w Tika sabina
332 A ma rose
b/w Negro aningisi Leo
333 Bana ya bella age
b/w Paso savir
334 Nasengi palado tata
b/w No soy como tu
V. Longomba
335 Puerta mucho cha cha
b/w Na sili na gagne
336 Mi sobrina
b/w Gente mabe
337 Oniourou
b/w Nayei ya malamu te
V. Longomba
338 (20/12/61) Bholena mada
b/w Mibali ya Kinshasa
339 Merengue Bholen
b/w Libala pasi
340 Keba na tumatu na ngai
b/w Ndeko ya combine
V. Longomba re: HMV45-LON1152
341 Negro apiki dalapo
b/w Excelente idea senor
V. Longomba re: HMV45-LON1149
342 Succes ya musiki ya Negro
b/w Falalingua bueno sabe
343 Elite muzindo
b/w El Sabrosito
344 Persona no excusa
b/w Zunga melani
345 Mobali ya carri
b/w Cantar
V. Longomba
346 (22/12/61)Pobre mujer
b/w Monotonie
Bholen re: HMV45-LON1154
347 Namesani na kimpwaka
b/w Ngai na yo se mwana
V. Longomba
348 (14/03/62)Esta mulata
b/w Coco moke
349 Nazui libertee
b/w Negro succes cha cha
359 Pega moneda
b/w Nani akondima ngai
360 Basi banso bakobungaka
b/w Ngai tata ya Rocky nakoka
V. Longomba
361 Ekomi dide boye
b/w Migue canta Djeskin
362 Milazo
b/w Olingi nini?
363 Hola amigo
b/w Succes bana ya Vicky
V. Longomba
364 Bana Lipopo
b/w Toca La Cha-cha
365 (16/03/62) Mi faena de hoy
b/w Nalanda te
366 Yaya esa banista
b/w Raymond-Franque Negro yayo
V. Longomba
367 Sabina ya ngai
b/w Esta novela ano
368 Tika kosambisa ngai
b/w Ozalise ya ngai
369 (22/03/6)Bolingo ya kisi mabe
b/w Toyokana cherie
370 Naboyi kosala na kisi
b/w Biso Negro to koki
V. Longomba
371 (17/04/62)Nani abungi ya ngai na yo
b/w N'kanda m'bizi
372 Due es te tu vida
b/w Bauewa Nzosesengana
V. Longomba
373 Moka moka bella
b/w Banga armee nationale
374 Cha cha cha milazo
b/w Camarade ya Kinshasa
375 Rythmo negrita
b/w Nakopema lisusu te?
376 Mwana mama na boma
b/w Pepe kitisa ngai motema
377 Ngai mobale ya batu
b/w Tu hermano
378 Yango tumatu oyo okembaka?
b/w Amigo benga baila cha-cha
V. Longomba
379 Cherie ondange
b/w Gina que yo canto
380 Esta punada
b/w Cherie Denise
381 (25/04/62) Clara nasi nalembi
b/w Cherie kosala zobate
V. Longomba
382 Ages troubadour
b/w Isono como non
383 Con la puerta
b/w Nini ya sali yo?
384 El magnifico cha cha cha
b/w Ngai Djeskin nakipa te
385 Esta mia nuvelo ano
b/w Lili Zongela ngai
386 Okomi na ba sawa camarade
b/w Es el amor uno nini
V. Longomba
387 La qui mera
b/w Na landa cherie
388 Negro mal crio
b/w Nzambe yokela ngai mawa
389 Ekofo nkoi Monique
b/w Ngai se na yo mwana mama

Boma Bango singles of Negro Succès

(some titles were pressed in Nigeria)

catalog number/recording date



on LP or CD

Boma Bango BB11 ca 1968 Boni o change
b/w Mpo Tokabuana
Boma Bango BB12 ca 1968 Acquela mas
b/w Komikosaka te na basi
Boma Bango BB13 ca 1968 Bangaki mibali
b/w Balingaka ngai Te by OK Jazz
Boma Bango BB28 1968 A si gozar
b/w Bombanda nakoka te
Bosmen ASL 7-1794
Boma Bango BB29 1968 Chérie Vicky
b/w Yo so que soy
Bavon Marie-Marie
Boma Bango BB40 1968 Libala ya Kinshasa
b/w Ami Pachanga



catalog number

on LP or CD

Majo Bholen licensed by Melodica, Nairobi in late 60s
voc: Assossa, Didi Kalombo; sax: Empompo
CD DKS018 East of Africa
Kokisa confiance te Bholen licensed by Melodica, Nairobi in late 60s
voc: Assossa, Didi Kalombo, Bijou, Zozo;
sax: Empompo; gtr: Bavon
CD DKS018 East of Africa
Bolole Bholen licensed by Melodica, Nairobi in late 60s
voc: Assossa, Didi Kalombo
sax: Moro Maurice; gtr: Bholen, Paul Dercy
CD DKS018 East of Africa
Vie ya Kindumba Bholen licensed by Melodica, Nairobi in late 60s
voc: Zozo, Bijou; sax: Empompo
gtr: Bavon
CD DKS018 East of Africa
Yokoka toli nani Bholen licensed by Melodica, Nairobi in late 60s
voc: Assossa, Didi Kalombo
gtr: Bholen, Paul Dercy
CD DKS018 East of Africa
Lucy Bavon Marie-Marie Gefraco CD009 Bavon Marie Marie et le Negros Succès V.1
Fanny Bavon Marie-Marie Gefraco CD009 Bavon Marie Marie et le Negros Succès V.1; Esselta ESS2051 Bavon Marie Marie Forever V.2
Nablo Bavon Marie-Marie Gefraco CD009 Bavon Marie Marie et le Negros Succès V.1
Fifi Bavon Marie-Marie Gefraco CD009 Bavon Marie Marie et le Negros Succès V.1
Beatrice Bavon Marie-Marie Esselta ESS2044 Bavon Marie Marie & Les Negros Succès: Libanga Na Libumu V1
Papi Mobali Na Ngai Bavon Marie-Marie Esselta ESS2044 Bavon Marie Marie & Les Negros Succès: Libanga Na Libumu V1
Na Kanga Motema Bavon Marie-Marie Esselta ESS2044 Bavon Marie Marie & Les Negros Succès: Libanga Na Libumu V1
Denise Bavon Marie-Marie Esselta ESS2044 Bavon Marie Marie & Les Negros Succès: Libanga Na Libumu V1
Mobembo Bolowa Bavon Marie-Marie Esselta ESS2051 Bavon Marie Marie Forever V.2
Elongi Television Bavon Marie-Marie 45 rpm: Lenda Ve Ya Inki b/w Elongi Ya Television (ASL 7-1874, Kenya) Esselta ESS2051 Bavon Marie Marie Forever V.2
Elekwe 45 rpm: Elekwe b/w Lenda Ve Ya Inki (African 90.265) Surboum Africain 1968
Fany Bavon Marie-Marie Esselta ESS2051 Bavon Marie Marie Forever V.2
Motema Saduku Bavon Marie-Marie Esselta ESS2051 Bavon Marie Marie Forever V.2
Muana beya b/w bolingo ya mawa te orch Negro Succès 74 Musiki du Zaire MZ 7 -2 (A.I.T. Kenya)
Kiboba aya buala b/w Naponi kaka yo orch Negro Succès 74 Musiki du Zaire MZ 7 -3 (A.I.T. Kenya)
Serieux wapi bakama b/w Dimanche munga orch Negro Succès 74 Musiki du Zaire MZ 7 -4 (A.I.T. Kenya)
Na boi kosambua 1 & 2 Rocky Sonafric SAF1936 P1977
Kungi 1 & 2 Rocky Sonafric SAF1938 P1977
Bawela basuka 1 & 2 Rocky Sonafric SAF1937 P1977
Sekou 1 & 2 Rocky Sonafric SAF1938 P1977
b/w Naleli Coco
Moninga MONI 7022
Jeannette na zongi
b/w Mobali nazongi Sima
Demont Kasanaut Disques AfricAmbiance AA13
Kiampewa lakisa ngai
b/w Matondo ya beya
Fiesta 51.147; Decca (West Africa) CD.245
Mbongo ya liboso Luwowo Mutshokele Negro-Succes NS.9
Porque mi amada
Alphonso N'Gola PNGI 3000 (Angola)

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