Lady Darciella sends a link to a bunch of great YouTubes of guitar music from Botswana, featuring the immensely talented and innovative Ronnie.


Two clips of Bembeya Jazz from a Belgian documentary, posted by the director: First clip Second clip


Franco & OK Jazz, featuring Sam Mangwana doing "Toyeba yo".

Lita Bembo & Stukas Boys, doing Nale, and "Mobutu." This is the best bit of Voix du Zaire TV you are ever likely to see, quality of picture as well as music. Too bad it's about that sh*thead dictator, however they had to keep their daily gig by kissing up to the boss. If you get a chance check out the whole smoking 8-song set, especially "Credo." It's out on DVD in Europe with a set by Trio Madjesi.

30 seconds of Kiamuangana Verckys back in the day, playing with his Orchestre Vévé

Soki Vangu and Bella Bella doing Petit Zizina!

Nyboma, introduced by Pepe Kalle, doing Doublé, Doublé before a very staid sit-down audience in Abidjan!

Kékélé [left] from "Soundcheck at Momo's"


Orchestre Baobab, from the 2003 "At the End of the World" festival (in France, of course), doing "On Verra ca."


Sara Tavares doing "Bom Feeling" live on Dutch TV.

Ferro Gaita, doing "Rei di Tabanka, live in Praia.

Lura, doing "Oh Naia"


Rokia Traore at WOMAD

Issa Bagayogo's slick video for "Dambalou"

Ramata Diakite, also from Mali, singing "Sigui"

Here is an astounding discovery -- footage of Docteur Nico in a surprise performance with L'Afrisa of Rochereau. He must have needed the dough to patch up his quarrel. This comes from a fantastic blog called, appropriately, World Service which also has clips of OK Jazz and other wonders and rarities, including Alou Fané and Super Djata Band performing at the Angouleme Festival in 1984, and Les Ambassadeurs in concert.